Midtown hasn't had the easiest time with balloons in 2019. We're all aware of the scare in Town Center, where popping balloons were mistaken for gun shots and a panic ensued. Luckily, with those balloons, our panic turned out to be little more than post-Dorian jitters. The little balloons popping made some of us run in fear. It's ironic that little balloons made the folks in Midtown so agitated, because there's still a balloon problem in Midtown. Boca's like one big balloon, and what's happening to that balloon is pretty scary for us Midtowners.

Last week's murder in Colonade has got Boca Raton upset. It doesn't just hit close to home because it's literally within our city, but it's troubling because of what was happening between the alleged killer and his victim: it was what should have been a simple appliance delivery. How many of us depend on delivery and service people coming on to our property all the time? Everyone in Boca Raton? Who hasn't welcomed strangers through our doors, depending on them to behave according to the expectations we have for ourselves, being cordial, being kind? But last week's tragedy reminded us we've got reason to be cautious, and less trusting. It reminds us that strangers aren't neighbors. There is a way to diminish the need for people we don't know to be knocking on our doors. There is a way for us to be less dependent on people who don't share our love for our neighbors. It's all about encouraging more immediately local affordable housing.

Last month, in a search for alternative financing for the Boca National Golf Course, the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District requested an official opinion of the market value of the vacant parcel of land located at 2300 N. Ocean Blvd., known as the Ocean Strand; this unimproved parcel is currently zoned "PL", Public Land.

Exacerbation is when something is increased or, in the case of a medical condition, worsened. Here in the USA we have a chronic tendency to sometimes worsen things when we give them attention. There's several examples around us, going on today, where we've failed to recognize how much we've exacerbated the things we're outraged about. When we let our outrage get the best of us we often cause the reverse effect of the intent of our outrage and make the problem worse.

Virgin Lines is coming to Boca Raton. Make no mistake about it. With this City Council, 'Development is now Good'. At yesterday's Council workshop, Boca Raton's five elected officials unequivocally demonstrated that they are, by far, the most development friendly group of elected official in the history of Boca Raton.

Much love to everyone enjoying this beautiful summer here in Boca Raton. It's more empty, more hot, more quiet and in my opinion a lot more enjoyable. Now it's the best time to get on your bike and ride down to the beach. Empty handed with the exception of only a few bucks for a slice of pizza or a soda, or a towel, biking around Boca is a sacrament of freedom many of us got in the habit of enjoying since before we could drive cars. It's really tops, the stuff of dreams, but the truth is that it could be a lot better. As we get more dense, better biking conditions become more critical.