PUBLISHER'S UPDATE:  This morning I received a text message from an interested third party informing me that Blake MacDiarmid has registered with Palm Beach County as a lobbyist for Virgin Trains USA.  A review of the Lobbyist Registration list demonstrates that Blake MacDiarmid is still not registered as a lobbyist for Virgin Trains USA, but yesterday, a James MacDiarmid did register.  James and Blake may turn out to be the same person.  If true, why the need to use a pseudo name.  Furthermore, since publishing today's article, has been taken down off the internet.  Al Zucaro, Publisher  ____________________________________________________________________ Narrative: With the March, 2020 City Council elections inside a 6 month window, the time is now to look at the political and policy issues on the horizon and the professional influencers shaping Boca Raton's politics and legislative outcomes.

Last month, in a search for alternative financing for the Boca National Golf Course, the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District requested an official opinion of the market value of the vacant parcel of land located at 2300 N. Ocean Blvd., known as the Ocean Strand; this unimproved parcel is currently zoned "PL", Public Land.

Virgin Lines is coming to Boca Raton. Make no mistake about it. With this City Council, 'Development is now Good'. At yesterday's Council workshop, Boca Raton's five elected officials unequivocally demonstrated that they are, by far, the most development friendly group of elected official in the history of Boca Raton.

This morning I awoke to a message from City Councilwoman Andrea Levine O'Rourke outlining items of interest to the residents of Boca Raton. Most of it is pretty mundane but one item is well worth the read. For years, prior to being elected, Ms. O'Rourke was...