Are you wondering “What’s all about”?

There are many answers to that question.

  • Back when this site was first started the intention was for it to become a re-usable political brand/site. I really thought it would be cool to plug candidate names in front of and make campaign sites that reinforce each other’s identities.  I suggested the concept to Frank Chapman and created the site in order to support his run for City Council. Frank ended up using his own online presences in lieu of this one, so for a while we really didn’t know what to do with it. It had a neat sounding domain, that was about it.
  • Since I’ve used it to blog about issues I think need to be discussed in Boca Raton. This site is built on the content management system called WordPress, the most popular means by which websites are published today. It’s a “marketing technology platform” that’s super-easy to use for content producers. I build all sorts of technologies and presentations within it and around it. This site ended up being used to demonstrate many of the technologies I was working with, applied. I first used it to demonstrate how RSS feeds would be leveraged by the technology I built called MI360.
  • Then I was working with a really brilliant guy in Poland, Greg, who built WordPress’ top job listing technology: WpJobBoard. I’ve got that technology set up here.   You can see a list of Boca Raton jobs I’m automatically re-publishing from Indeed via Indeed’s API. I am about to start filling it with listings from ZipRecruiter too, all focused around Boca Raton.
  • Being a news source is no trivial thing. You really have to produce good content frequently. I personally do not have the time to be in that role. But I am a voracious news hound and read all the news from local sources frequently. There are a lot of voices generating interesting content for Boca now and there’s a long list of sites to keep up with. Since I spend time on that I decided to recoup my time into something I can produce. So I’m sharing stories I find interesting on the homepage of this site. That makes this site a news aggregator for Boca Raton. I  link to the newest news.
  • I just deployed a new Local Business Listing system that demonstrates the application of Structured Data, a means to communicate with Artificial Intelligence about the context of the information being published. This crowdsourced business directory is facilitated via a WordPress plugin I’m going to offer to other sites soon. I was hunting for this kind of functionality for a couple years, wanting to do some local directory type sites, but none of the technologies that I could find did exactly what I wanted  – so I built my own. If you want new eyeballs on your business this gets them there two ways: directly and via improved SEO. GO FOR IT – ADD YOUR BOCA BUSINESS NOW.
  • I was messing around with Events, trying out a “common event aggregation” approach to present one unified Boca Raton calendar of events. Presently there are too many things going on to curate them all. And Pam Weinroth’s Boca Calendar is too excellent to compete with at the moment.
  • I’m going to be announcing some other cool functionality soon, making this site do what no other sites can do yet. Keep coming back to find out what that’s going to be!
  • If you’ve got ideas for this site and want to contribute, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

-Jason Pelish
(updated 12/13/2018)

President, Massive Impressions Online Marketing in Boca Raton