Are you wondering “What’s all about”?

There are many answers to that question.

The Origin

Back when this site was first started in 2012, the intention was for it to become a re-usable political brand/site. I really thought it would be cool to plug candidate names in front of and make campaign sites that reinforce each other’s identities.

The Framework

This site is built on the content management system called WordPress, the most popular means by which websites are published today. It’s a “marketing technology platform” that’s super-easy to use for content producers.  This site ended up being used to demonstrate many of the technologies Massive Impressions was working with.

Current & Local Info

Being a news source is no trivial thing. There are a lot of voices generating interesting content for Boca now and there’s a long list of sites to keep up with. links to stories that worth keeping up with on the homepage. That makes this site a news aggregator for Boca Raton and beyond. It links to newest news with a technology you can put in your own website called RSS NEWS AGGREGATOR.

For Boca Businesses

This site’s crowdsourced business directory is facilitated using a technology that’s available to all WordPress sites via the global WordPress Plugin Directory. Massive Impression created this Local Business Listing system. The Plugin demonstrates how Structured Data is used as a means to communicate with Artificial Intelligence about the information. If you want new eyeballs on your business this gets them there.  GO FOR IT – ADD YOUR BOCA BUSINESS NOW.

What happened to Jobs, Products & Real Estate on this site?

4boca is a live traffic site that’s also used for experimenting with novel marketing technologies and approaches.

This site used to have a job board, products for sale and a real estate section. Those sections have been removed. There’s a possibility they can be returned to the site in the future, but managing quality content in those areas is outside what we are focusing on now.

The Publisher is owned and published by a privately owned company, Massive Impressions, an online marketing company in Boca Raton.

Hi, I’m’s Person Publisher, Jason Pelish. I like creating websites and developing web technologies. This site is designed for YOU, my neighbors in Boca Raton. Feel free to reach out to me via email or by phone if you’ve got questions about this site, about Boca Raton, or about online marketing. If you want to contribute, the door is open for YOU.

If you're in Boca hit me up!

(updated 11/30/2022)