Candidate Requirement Amendments Poll 2021

Does Restricting The Candidates Restrict YOUR Choice? How do you feel about people's ability to choose what's right for them? How about our ability here, in Boca Raton, to choose what's right for us? Are we the kind of people who deserve extra freedom to choose what's right for us? Or are we the kind of people who need more of our choices restricted? Do we need extra restrictions on who can run for office...

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Searching For A Place to Buy or Rent? It’s here!

Aside from being the publisher of this site I also have a real-estate license with the State of Florida. I can list your home...

This Valentine’s Day, Tomasso’s Pizza wants to Share the Love

-- and they need your help! Tomasso's is making their popular "heart shaped pizzas" again for Valentines Day this year. This year they're raising money for...

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