Red Reef Park’s New Underwater Upgrade

Local snorkeling fans have something new to be excited about: a new set of rocks to snorkel around at Red Reef Park. Let's go over some facts about it and take a close look! Red Reef Park has always been is a favorite destination for snorkelers of all levels. When you're driving along the beach it's the park across from Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. The small jetty that's become habitat for fish is an artificial structure,...

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Boca Rent Price Jumps Causing Affordable Housing Crisis

Rental costs in Boca Raton have increased drastically. The trend is not slowing down either. For working class families and FAU students it's more...

Candidate Requirement Amendments Poll 2021

Does Restricting The Candidates Restrict YOUR Choice? How do you feel about people's ability to choose what's right for them? How about our ability here,...

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