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  • This site featured manually aggregated links to other sites, mostly news articles, on the hompage. So this site was acting as an aggregator. It wasn’t easy to maintain. So I made it easier with new technology. I created a “plugin” f...

  • This is a poll where YOU pick from the members of Boca Raton City Council. Who represents you best?...

  • Crocker Partners, the developers who built Mizner Park and Boca Center, recently acquired another Boca Raton property, formerly known as T-Rex, the site where IBM developed the first personal computers. Now named the Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRI...

  • I’ve been to marijuana dispensaries in both Colorado and California – for journalistic purposes of course.  They’re weird – different from any other businesses. If you’ve never been inside one and wonder what it’s ...

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