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Current Events Connect Boca Raton’s Present to Our Past

We've been aggregating links on for 4 years. Looking back at the headlines from the past is easy. Links are aggregated by year and by category. Browse the headlines of the past here on 4boca! Take a look at the Recent History aka Current Events Page.Current events are a bridge from the present into the past. Reviewing current events lets us remember who we are by seeing who we were. History is often...

Red Reef Park’s New Underwater Upgrade

Local snorkeling fans have something new to be excited about: a new set of rocks to snorkel around at Red Reef Park. Let's go...

Boca Raton Garden Club Presents its Annual HOLIDAY HOUSE

The Boca Raton Garden Club will hold its annual Holiday House fundraiser on Thursday Oct 28, Friday Oct 29, Saturday Oct 30, from 9AM...

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