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Diverting Diamond Interchange on Glades Road Now Open

Here's what a ride through Boca Raton's new Diverting Diamond Interchange is like.Remember the name of this thing: Diverting Diamond Interchange.It's not a deviate diamond exchange or a divested diamond investor or dual diesel engines. It's a diverting diamond Interchange.Personally, I thought it wasn't that bad going through it. I need to try it out some more. It did feel weird and different, but there's nothing wrong with it.  So you should do it...

Wild Future Condos In Boca Raton

Condos will be built in Boca Raton in the future. Artificial Intelligence was asked to envision wild condo designs that could be built in...

Photos from Boca Raton’s Near Future

Take a look at what Boca Raton will look like in the future. See what artificial intelligence image generation yields when prompted to hallucinate...

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