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Term Extension Vote: Why Vote Yes or Vote No?

There's a vote being cast today in Boca Raton. People are deciding whether City Council terms should be extended into 3 year terms or left as is, with our current term being 2 years for a City Council Member in Boca Raton. TERM EXTENSIONS: YES or NO There are reasons to vote YES and reasons to vote NO. Let's examine each vote as it applies to first and most importantly and residents second.A YES VOTE Being...

Futuristic Condominiums in Boca Raton Envisioned by AI

Condos will continue to be popular residences on the ocean along the east coast of Florida for many decades to come. Older condos will...

Wild Future Condos In Boca Raton

Condos will be built in Boca Raton in the future. Artificial Intelligence was asked to envision wild condo designs that could be built in...
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