We know there were Native American people living here in Boca Raton before Europeans. Unfortunately we don't have any account of what they called themselves, exactly, here in Boca because there was no written record of how they identified themselves. However we do have archaeological evidence that helps us understand who was living here. The archaeological evidence points to Boca Raton's ancient residents being something unique from the named tribes we know about from written records.

It might seem like the Boca Raton that we know has only existed in recent times. However, Boca Raton has been the home to many people for a very long time. The history of human occupation on this land extends well before the time when Europeans first colonized Florida. Boca Raton was the home to Native American people, possibly for tens of thousands of years before today. In order to understand the ancient history of Boca Raton it's important to understand the archaeology that's been discovered throughout South Florida, how much Florida has changed geologically, and what's specifically been discovered here.