The gold necklace gleams as bright as the sun’s rays lighting the ocean dawn; radiant and shining. Her eyes played with the light the way honey teases an unsuspecting sunbeam. Her eyes and complexion match her glistening luxe jewels; like tea mixed with honey, orangey-brown. If Ellie Vail of Ellie Vail Jewelry had ever known failure or hardship, it didn’t show in her lucent looks and personality. Everything from the way she held herself, to the way she spoke, to that look of unassailable confidence in her eyes said she could run a successful business.

It wasn’t until June 1938 when the Golden Age of Comic Books began with ‘Action Comics #1’ debuting ‘Superman’, followed by ‘Batman’ less than a year later. Over 80-years-later, superheroes, the comic book art, and industry have influenced generations. With blockbuster films such as ‘Avengers: Endgame’ becoming the highest-grossing movie of all-time, or more recently Marvel Studios-Disney announcing a sequel film to ‘Black Panther’, comic culture has gone mainstream and are more popular than ever. Now, the Boca Raton Museum of Art is getting in on that mainstream popularity and exploring the world of comics by going beyond the cape.

He can eat Italian food as if it were going out of style and inhale everything sweet, cheesy, and saucy to get his fix. When Florida Atlantic University alumni Bryan Rammel isn’t munching on his favorite tomato basil sauce with sprinkled parmesan ravioli dish or being active in the gym, Rammel has a hunger for entrepreneurship opportunities.

Palm trees sway in the warming breeze. The sky blazes blue and the sun is a celebration of yellow and gold, free and bright. In the distance, the heat waves bounce off the concrete floors of the FAU Breezeway and cause an illusion of wavering images. Approaching from out of the waves is a young man. He glided down like a confident panther the way he held his broad shoulders back, yet his eyes frequently checking his own appearance. He wears a fitted white t-shirt that would even make fresh snow look grey. The t-shirt logo is bold and reads, ‘Spicy Wear’. His warm and welcoming smile, soft, like petals caught in a breeze. It was enough to allow a gleam of white from the teeth below and a slight dimple in his cheeks.

Artist, the kites of thinking, philosophers, dreamers, they are the bright gold in the grey. They see the world as a beautiful array of colors and shapes. The world is a canvas, leaving just enough space for everyone to paint their own story, artists with their own lives in the white of the world. As they run their colorful strokes over into the lives of many others.

The water shone like a molten mirror and below the serene surface was a fish. Small, barely a dart of silver, yet fast. Glimmering in the early morning sun, the fish darted into the reeds before a small girl yelled out she could see it. The girl’s hair was deep hues of fierce crimson against her pale face. Her smile grew as much as spring flowers could open. Gumbo Limbo Nature Center volunteer John Jarvis said, “Kids and families like it and kids like the Harry Potter names for the turtles. Any upgrades we’re getting soon is really for a better future for the community.”

Songs boomed over the crowd, the crowd humming along, some stamping their feet, and excitement buzzed through the charged air. Like the diamond set white-gold bright chandelier in the lobby, one woman’s infectious grin is just as bright. The crowd over at The Wick Theatre & Costume Museum had been so jubilant, fingers becoming like mini drumsticks, and some kids singing the songs from the ‘Crazy for You’ musical. The sea of people are strangers to one another at first. They rubbed shoulders never minding that they were closer proximately to these strangers than they usually were to friends or even family. Strangers, family, and friends shake hands and chatter. They pat one another on the back and have a spontaneous outpouring of electrified emotion. After the cast took a bow, the cheers erupt like an auditory volcano. The cast smile as if the sun had somehow toppled down from the sky and into their hearts. Once the crimson curtains come to a close on the stage, the theater sill erupts and vibrates with applause.

To most theatergoers, the rehearsal room is a mysterious place. Secluded, sealed off from the public, only for actors and the creative company, which are responsible for in which a production will emerge. Behind the curtain of the rehearsal room, young actors and actresses prepare for their next on-stage production. They stand tall, singing smooth, clear, and with the swells of power rising in their throats. It is a promise of tomorrow. Louis Tyrrell, the Artistic Director of the Florida Atlantic University Theatre Lab, says, “This is just a little something, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

The roots of trees are large and criss-cross, gnarled and uneven. The ground is smooth. The light of the sun is filtered by the tree foliage on each side of the hike, along the nature trail. The only movement at The Yamato Scrub Natural Area is the occasional bird, startling in a tree or a squirrel dashing up a nearby trunk.

Moss hangs from tree branches, dripping water splashes creating a puddle of thick brown paste mud, sticky clothes from the hot and moist air, muddy water seeping into boots, and dead leave fragments and clumps of mud sticking to wet skin. This is the type of...