FAU Alumni Bryan Rammel: On the Road to Successful Advising and Entrepreneurship


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He can eat Italian food as if it were going out of style and inhale everything sweet, cheesy, and saucy to get his fix. When Florida Atlantic University alumni Bryan Rammel isn’t munching on his favorite tomato basil sauce with sprinkled parmesan ravioli dish or being active in the gym, Rammel has a hunger for entrepreneurship opportunities.

Coming from the small town of Paris, Tennessee, Bryan Rammel is all about going for big entrepreneurship opportunities. Even though Rammel graduated from FAU in May of 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Rammel has left a lasting impression for students. Rammel was the vice president of two student organizations and he’s just getting started.

Rammel left his hometown to travel almost 900 miles to Boca without a clear direction of what his major would be and what his future may hold. Like many college students, Rammel just wanted to get in and get out. Rammel was given the choice by his parents to finish successfully by four years or pay for everything and the challenges all on his own.

“FAU was a pretty big challenge, junior year was tougher, and after my 18 credit hours in Fall I did 15 credit hours in Spring to finish on time which was a big obstacle,” said Rammel, “But FAU and Boca have a lot of network events for students during their time here.”

Networking within the community has led to Rammel being on the road to helping students with academic advising, presenting students to employers at college fairs, and giving advice for freshman for college planning.

President Anthony Escoboza and Rammel of FAU’s American Marketing Association (AMA) are both using their skills to help students. The goal of the organization is to give students hands-on marketing experience, business skills, and to expose students to local businesses employers outside the college campus.

Rammel’s former professor, Professor Donna Norton, has said, “He helped to build the chapter of AMA and Bryan is a strong leader with a can-do attitude.”

Rammel’s can-do attitude led to Rammel bringing other students on board to AMA and it was Rammel that helped bookings even outside of Boca.
“We took AMA to about five to ten people and we had 50 people by the time we graduated,” said Rammel. “We also took students to New Orleans conferences to make some connections with marketers and employers. It’s still going because we didn’t want this to just evaporate and AMA won Best Student Club this past year.”

While enrolled in 18 credits, Rammel still pursued helping students with leadership skills. While still doing AMA, Rammel also dedicated his time to Visionary Owls. An institute with a motivation of creating a support network of students from all departments. Much like AMA, Visionary Owls was created to help provide opportunities for students. But Rammel wanted to reach more students just outside of marketing. Therefore, Rammel provided the same guidance but to students of different majors.

“With Visionary Owls, it’s more than just asking students what they want to do after graduation,” said Rammel. “It’s about helping students find their inner why, their inner purpose, helping students at a young age to help them find their purpose and not have to wait until graduation for them to know their full purpose. It’s more than just helping those interested in marketing. But trying to help each other regardless of majors.”

Rammel has also found support from his parents Bruce and Beverly, along with support from classmates and faculty. One of Rammel’s biggest supporters and inspirations came from Professor Kevin Cox from FAU. “I’ve found support from many people and Dr. Kevin Cox was an inspiration to me because he puts the classroom and the real world all in one place,” said Rammel.

That support has led to Rammel being the owner of BR Consulting. A consulting agency and Internet Marketing Service where Rammel is creating content for these businesses to grow their social media presence along with their ranking on Google search engines. Rammel captures photo and videos for these local businesses along with giving them advice for their social media presence and platforms.

Social media provides a voice for a brand. Rammel uses engaging captions, videos, photos, and more for businesses to have good reputation management when online. Rammel describes it as a social setting, learning about your followers, and even having the chance to study the competition.

Rammel said, “With BR Consulting I’ve learned so much on the presence videos have for businesses.” Rammel puts together a team of students and graduates with a background and degree in Digital Marketing to help him with the business. Boca resident Bianka Krausch of Talent Direct has found help from BR Consulting, “Our search engine has been climbing up the search ranks as we continue to grow,” said Krausch. “We are pleased with the service.”

Even FAU instructor of Business Communications Joanne Chive’s has said, “Rammel shows demonstrated strong organization and leadership skills. Rammel was instrumental in planning chapter events and activities. He’s come a long way.”

Surrounded by a swarm of men in hard hats, buildings stand like a tall skeleton on steel girders and prefabricated concrete slabs. Gleaming steel, hydraulic arms, swollen knuckles, and the often roar of an engine. Before his days of advising, entrepreneur work, and marketing, Rammel had worked the sweltering summer doing construction and as a window washer for a couple of years. Rammel mentioned how working in construction and washing windows led him to understand what it means to work a blue-collar job, understanding hard labor and earning a paycheck.

“That’s a big component from my father who was ex-military and he installed in me early that no job is above or beneath you,” said Rammel.

“The worst thing you can do as an entrepreneur or just in life is simply not going for it,”- Bryan Rammel

In the modern age of entrepreneurship and marketing, Rammel has taken to social media to spread awareness and promote himself. Rammel, who has over 2,700 Instagram followers and counting, Rammel believes entrepreneurs have better advantages today mainly because of social media platforms.

“There are kids out there posting their brand on social media and gaining attention from companies, locals, and it’s an exciting time for so many people to get their name and business out there no matter what it is,” said Rammel. “I made a business Facebook page and I ended up with a couple of leads just from posting and being outreaching. Also, like John King of Spicy Wear, you’ve got to be personal with people and people want to support a positive and real person.”

Rammel has also partnered with Regal Home Services where Rammel does social media and marketing. Rammel has even taken his love of Italian food and his favorite food, ravioli, and is the owner of the Instagram page @ourfood nudes, a page supporting local eats and restaurants. Rammel has recently found himself with Ten Golden Rules, a platform helping those to help grow their online presence and content. Due to his social media presence, social media marketing, and his work for BR Consulting, AMA and Visionary Owls, Rammel currently works as a Digital Marketing Analyst.

What mainly drove Rammel to want to pursue entrepreneurship in Boca was the lifestyle. “What really got me fired up about entrepreneurship in Boca was the lifestyle and working with who I want when I want. I don’t have a particular person or niche I just like working with those willing to grow their business,” said Rammel.

Rammel advises for students and locals to reach out of their comfort zone and, “Make new connections, new friends, and a new life,” said Rammel.

Rammel ended by saying, “Capitalize on opportunities, go to events, those opportunities are available for everyone and people let them slip by and getaway. With FAU, advising, and BR Consulting I’ve learned so much about businesses, promoting, and finding myself. The worst thing you can do as an entrepreneur or just in life is simply not going for it, so my advice would to always go for it and go for opportunities.”

If you’d like to get in contact with Bryan Rammel see his contact information below.

Email: bryanrammel@gmail.com
Instagram: @rammel99 and @brconsultingfl

Pictures Courtesy of Max Maldonado for BocaWatch (MaldonadoMedia.com)

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