Boca Raton: The City Within a Lazy River Ride Someday


Lazy River rides that replace roads and get Boca residents to wherever they need to go? Sure! It sounds fun. Doesn’t it?

Would any city ever do this? Could any city ever replace a portion of its roads and create a practical lazy river infrastructure? If any city could do it, it’s likely it’s Boca.

This idea originally came from a Boca kid named Jonathan Kolbe in some local political group on Facebook that I’m likely blocked from now. I’ll give him credit for getting me excited about the idea. Here are some AI generated images that tap into the soulful imagination of machines to help us envision the concept.

What’s important to point out, how this would be different from what’s happening in the Intracoastal is:

  • the water would be treated, clarified and sterilized in a system engineered to minimize water loss
  • vehicles allowed in the water cannot have heads, combustion motors or carry business to business shipping
  • there would be no giant fish like hammerhead sharks (I seen em) and larger unidentified sea-monster type beasts (I seen it too) but alligators would probably need to be removed from time to time

Residents and visitors would use the lazy river infrastructure to come and go from their single family homes, townhomes and condos.

Shopping would be a little different – so would parking – if people used lazy rivers instead of roads in Boca.

Would you support the conversion of roads to lazy rivers if the issue comes up for a vote? Leave a comment below.

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