Wildflower Park Progress Tracker – April 2018


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Waterfront Study

The City’s consultant on the waterfront study, EDSA, presented their final conceptual master plan at the February 12, 2018 City Council Workshop Meeting. Links to the presentation slides and a video of the presentation can be found on the City web site at:

An outcome of this meeting, regarding Wildflower Park, was direction to the City Staff to prepare Work Order No. 2 of the Comprehensive Waterfront Study. For Wildflower Park this work order will result in design development, public input and approvals, followed by construction documents.

At this meeting Margaret Fitzsimons, representing the resident group 2020 Vision, presented their suggestions. These include clarification of the design process, which is recommended to have the following steps:

  • 30% completion – schematic design drawings – (revisions to conceptual design with public outreach)
  • 60% completion – design development drawings (detailed design drawings with public outreach)
  • 90% completion – construction drawings for final review/approval

Some of the desirable features highlighted in Margaret’s discussion include:

  • Water taxi stop
  • Day boat docking
  • Steps facing water for people to hang out on
  • Well-designed lighting to facilitate night use
  • Relocation of existing bathrooms & EDSA design features to provide attractive access under the bridge
  • Day and evening use amenities that attract adults as well as children
  • A complete list of features supported by 2020 Vision was presented on 9/25/2017 (update to follow).

So, there is significant attention being focused on Wildflower Park design and development by talented, experienced people in City Council, City Staff, EDSA and residents thru the activities of the 2020 Vision Group.

The City is still receptive to suggestions from residents on designs, so please submit your ideas to coastalmgmt@myboca.us.

Silver Palm Park

On February 26, 2018 an outreach meeting was held to get resident input on adding boat ramps for motorized vessels to Rutherford Park. The overwhelming input at the meeting was to just fix up the current amenities at Rutherford and not add the boat ramps. This direction was made official by the City Council at their April 9, 2018 Workshop meeting. This means that Silver Palm Park will continue to be used for boat launching. Wildflower design will provide pedestrian connectivity to Silver Palm Park under the Palmetto Park bridge.

BocaWatch will continue to track and report on the status of Wildflower Park.

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  1. Jim, excellent article. My biggest problem is how slow the city is moving. I find it totally unacceptable. I suspect due to the huge fight and the resulting referendum to get it approved a reluctance to speed things up. We need the public to come to council meetings to complain. The Sullivan park in Deerfield was built in less than 6 months and boca is looking at 2 years. This is outrageous.


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