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Let’s briefly go over the city’s “outreach” history regarding use of the Wildflower property.

*Five years ago a city outreach survey and resident outreach workshop on Wildflower site usage significantly favored recreation

*Six months ago Councilman Scott Singer held an outreach visioning meeting on uses for the Wildflower site and residents overwhelmingly preferred recreation

*Four months ago residents voted 67% to 33% in favor of recreation on city-owned Intracoastal Waterway lands. This was in response to the city council stating their desire to “know what the residents wanted.”

*Last week the city scheduled an outreach for April 6, 2017 to learn residents’ preferred usage of city-owned Intracoastal Waterway lands:

If this was an individual human behavior, repetitive outreaching might be diagnosed as a personality disorder; but there are five city council people doing this. Outreaching is good, but excessive outreaching on the same subject without decisions is a problem.

The actions suggested in the following Wildflower Park Progress tracker make sense and should be aggressively implemented. A plan for opening Wildflower Park for passive recreation needs to be developed and implemented as soon as possible. It will take years to implement the actions recommended by the comprehensive waterfront study and residents cannot be blocked from using Wildflower Park any longer. We need a plan and results now!

The city council changed the comprehensive plan and zoning of Wildflower Park to commercial last summer anticipating that the November initiative referendum would fail. Well that didn’t happen and the designations need to be changed to recreation to reflect the strong message sent by residents in the referendum. This is what the residents want. Get on with it!

As recommended in last week’s tracker update, Tuesday March 14 is a great opportunity to elect resident friendly, action-oriented city council members. Do it!

BocaWatch will continue to track and report on the status of Wildflower Park.

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  1. Hmm… The GATES sold that property to Boca Raton. The city burned down that property (that should of been deemed “Historic”) loaded with cats to burn alive!
    Purchased with tax payer dollars, the properties been on hold FOR YEARS!
    My guess is that they are waiting for their 2nd depression for an Elite to buy it at pennies on the dollar (like the Boca Hotel), and build another Elite playground.


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