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September's speaker for the Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club is Edward Bender, a local Captain in the Convention of States. He will be speaking about the Power of the Convention of States: the means the Constitution of the United States provides for amendments. The Convention of States has the power, for example, to amend the Constitution to include Congressional term limits.

The TL;DR is I'm giving up my role as Editor for BocaWatch and focusing on local issues back here again on Since April this site has been relatively quiet. Instead of putting time into this site I was filling the role of Editor for

The number of fish, both in schools and around the rocks, at Red Reef Park have been really impressive this summer. Here's some videos that show the water conditions we've been experiencing in Boca Raton in the last couple weeks. Don't pay attention to the...

There's something that local parents need to know about the Parkland school shooting: the security cameras at the high school were not showing the cops who arrived a live feed. The video the cops were watching, what they believed to be a live feed for as long as the shooting occurred, was actually a feed that had a 20 minute delay. The events they were watching on the security system in the school administrator office had occurred 20 minutes before hand. As a parent this has me very worried about the condition and configuration of the security camera systems in our local schools.

A recent article was shared across dozens of science websites. It stated 75% of flying insects are gone[1]. They've disappeared. I was never a big fan of flying insects. They seemed to have a special need to bite me in particular, compared to other people. I've been bitten and stung more times than I like. I have to admit there's a certain part of me that feels this should be celebrated in a way. But it's really bad news. It's bad news for the bugs, the plants that depend on them for pollination and of course, the birds who ate them. I say "ate" in past tense, because, if you haven't noticed, certain bird populations are gone too.

Have you seen these little guys, running all over Boca Raton Now: Curley Tail Lizards. Their little curley tails might be cute, but they're not a native species. This means they're competing with and eating the animals that actually belong here. Should you do something about them?