Crocker Partners, the developers who built Mizner Park and Boca Center, recently acquired another Boca Raton property, formerly known as T-Rex, the site where IBM developed the first personal computers. Now named the Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRIC), this historically significant property is unequaled, priceless in more ways than one. But how has the birth place of the PC fared over the decades? What condition is it in today? I wanted to know so I went to the site and asked questions. I learned that Crocker has plans for this property, betting on its best days being ahead.

I've been to marijuana dispensaries in both Colorado and California - for journalistic purposes of course.  They're weird - different from any other businesses. If you've never been inside one and wonder what it's like inside, read on. The style of dispensary I'm going to describe here is different in several ways to the ones we have in Florida that dispense strictly medical marijuana. I'll also explain why I think legalizing medical marijuana without legalizing recreational marijuana promotes behavior that's worse than the effects of drugs.

After many months and a special election the City has released the conclusions and plans derived from community input around the re-zoning of Boca's Midtown area. Surprisingly, in spite of the visioning session seemingly being restricted to discussing plans that allowed re-zoning, the conclusions derived from it involve no new residential allowances at all. has an awesome new business directory exclusively for Boca. Getting listed is easy, fast, and involves no obligation. If you've got a business in Boca it's free to you. Click here to enter your business listing for FREE. Getting attention for your business is Boca Raton isn't...

Once upon a time there was a Dad who wanted a slice of pizza. So he baked two pies. He knew his family and everyone else who showed up would eat most of it, but he didn't care. That's just the way it is when you're the dad. Then when he was done cleaning up the kitchen he came out to get his slice. To his shock both pies were gone. Nobody thought to save him a slice, stick their head in the kitchen, ask if they could help. They all just ate as much as they could while they could. And the dad got none.

The winners of the 2018 Nov 6th Election turned out to be the exact match to our poll prediction. This was the first time a political poll was run here on 4boca. The results were pretty good. There's a very simple reason why this poll turned out to be accurate. Read on to learn how accurate we were and how representative this poll was of the local and statewide population that voted.

aggregator def: a website or program that collects related items of content and displays them or links to them. is the news aggregator for Boca Raton, Florida. Boca Raton has many news sources online now. All of them are competing for YOUR attention, but visiting each...

September's speaker for the Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club is Edward Bender, a local Captain in the Convention of States. He will be speaking about the Power of the Convention of States: the means the Constitution of the United States provides for amendments. The Convention of States has the power, for example, to amend the Constitution to include Congressional term limits.

The TL;DR is I'm giving up my role as Editor for BocaWatch and focusing on local issues back here again on Since April this site has been relatively quiet. Instead of putting time into this site I was filling the role of Editor for