A long time ago there was a phenomenon in Boca Raton called Tom's Ribs. It sat on the southeast corner of Glades and Dixie. When the smoke was pouring from the chimney at the top it was hard to drive by without going crazy from the amazing smell of the BBQ pit. Since Tom's left that location it relocated to North Federal Highway, just south of the Delray Line.

Did you know about the Barefoot Mailmen? Imagine what life must have been like back then, with no roads - and the best way to travel up and down the coast was to walk the waterline of the beach. I've always wondered if James Hamilton crossed the...

I've been wanting to create a blog post about someone who represents an enormous part of what makes Boca Raton a special place to live: Mr. Gordon Gilbert. I feel particularly lucky because when I was a Park Ranger with the City of Boca Raton I was privileged to work the Saturday Morning Gumbo Limbo shift. That gave me opportunities to get to know Mr. Gilbert as a person.

Applying for a Business Tax Receipt

Among  the obligations faced when opening a new business location, Palm Beach County requires registering and paying a tax. When we opened our marketing business's new office location we had to go through this process. Unlike getting registered with the State, where you can do everything online, applying for a Business Tax Receipt requires showing up at one of the county tax collector offices. The closest one to Boca is on Congress in Delray, south of Atlantic Avenue, in the county complex.

Before a business can officially open it's doors here in Boca Raton there are a number of obligations that need to be fulfilled with the State of Florida, Palm Beach County and City Hall. I've described what we had to do at Massive Impressions when we opened our marketing company in Boca Raton. For me it was a four step process involving online registration with the State, two in-person visits to City Hall, and one visit to the County Tax Collector's Office.

We recently opened a marketing company office in Boca Raton after having worked out of our home offices previously.  It wasn't as simple as I expected it to be, so I thought I'd share what steps I had to take, the obstacles I encountered and what I had to do to make it happen. You can't open a new office without finding a location first. We had to choose where we were going to put our offices.