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619 has an awesome new business directory exclusively for Boca.

Getting listed is easy, fast, and involves no obligation. If you’ve got a business in Boca it’s free to you.

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Getting attention for your business is Boca Raton isn’t expensive or complicated any more. Just add your local business and it will start getting attention right away.

  • Put a listing for your business with a link to your website here on for no cost and no obligation.
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  • There’s no recurring fee, no obligation.
  • Your listing can be removed only by you.
  • Once you add your business listing we’ll share the listing to Facebook at Twitter to let Boca Raton know you’re there.

Hi, I’m Jason Pelish, Publisher of You might wonder why I’m letting people list their businesses here for free when other sites and organizations charge for it. I added this feature that allows local businesses to get a listing here for a few reasons.

The first reason I created this directory is to help great businesses in Boca Raton to flourish.  There are so many reasons why it benefits your business to list it here, but I won’t bore you with the technical details. People in Boca always ask me “how can you increase my business” and basically this is one good thing I can do for everyone all at once.

The second is to measure the empirical results of structured data marketing, a new way to publish information so artificial intelligence can understand it better. The most important artificial intelligence online today is Google’s search crawler spider bots that decide who gets ranked highest and who gets the most traffic when an audience searches for a term.

The third reason is because I am always testing new technologies. These listings are being published with a new technology I’m developing that semi-automates and crowdsources the process of building a directory like this. The specific name for this technology is “Business Listing Plugin“.

The fourth and final reason is because I like to know what’s new in Boca Raton so I can try it out. That’s the most exciting part, discovering new experiences right here in my home town. I hope you like that part too.

Click here to enter your business listing for FREE.

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