Brutalist Condos from the Future


Marcel Breuer was the famous architect who designed two large facilities for IBM: one in France and the other here in Boca Raton, presently called BRIC. He was an influential figure in modern architecture and a key figure in the Bauhaus movement.

His designs emphasized the integration of materials, forms, and functions to create a new aesthetic. He was a pioneer in the use of industrial materials for furniture, such as tubular steel, aluminium, and plywood. He was also influential in the development of modernist architecture with his use of open plan layouts, his inventive use of materials and his iconic furniture designs are still popular today.

Breuer‘s work also had a significant impact on the development of Brutalism, a style which focused on the use of raw materials and forms which were simple, yet suggestive of strength and power. Breuer‘s modernist style played a key role in the development of architectural history. His influence can still be seen in many contemporary buildings around South Florida. 

Here we’ve asked artificial intelligence to imagine what condos would look like in Boca Raton if Marcel Breuer continued to design structures for people to live and work in.

This building looks a lot like NASA’s VAB building where rockets are assembled.
AI is funny because if it starts drawing a building and something intersects the building as it extends towards the ground, the AI often omits the building from underneath the thing, like an overhang or tree branch.
Stacked “balconies” that nobody can walk on seem to be a motif of some Boca Raton buildings in real life. Don’t get stuck out on the edge of one, thinking there’s an easy way to get down. The popular myth around a lot of these window designs was that they protected against spy satellites. They actually do protect well against the direct sun, helping to keep buildings and window areas cooler.
Here’s more of that “unwalkable balcony” look. If the windows can’t be seen from the ground then that means the ground can’t be seen from the windows.
This building looks like it belongs in FAU, totally. I suppose the AI drew more from FAU’s architects than Breuer per-se.
This massive “IBMish” building lacks windows, except for two levels, that face the south. The AI threw an attempt at reproducing the IBM logo. Buildings that had this aesthetic were popular to tech companies like HP, Microsoft and AT&T. Windows aren’t necessary when the executive occupants of the buildings are all machines.
It’s hard to tell this image was created by AI, and that the building isn’t one that actually exists. The AI was asked to produce photographic quality images, but wasn’t afforded much processing time to getting the details right. Pretty good though, huh?
This building looks like work being done. It resembles a giant toolbox, or parts cabinet, open and in use. The pool being included beneath it makes it into perhaps a hotel instead of an office space? Who knows?
Featureless towers resemble either technology or religious use. Perhaps in the future the two will be merged more genuinely instead of pretending they are disconnected vocations.
The new Boca Raton Policing Systems building where the last remaining human officers train their robot replacements how to enforce law. Here you can see an example of the artificial intelligence generated image being cut off by the palm branch on the left side of the tower. See how the edge of the tower doesn’t extend beneath the palm branch like it should? That’s one example of a type of artifact that allows AI generated images to be recognized from real photos.

Some people are concerned about the normalization of the public towards looking at AI images. The idea is that people will be more easily deceived by AI if trained to believe AI images are real. I share that concern.

In the case of these last four articles I published about artificial intelligence visions of the future of Boca Raton, I disclaimed clearly that all the images are AI generated, that they are not images of structures real or planned by anyone.

Will other publishers be as careful with the content they serve to you? This is the question for you as you face tomorrow’s content: is it real or just cleverly imagined, cleverly made to appear almost indistinguishable from real to untrained eyes. Train your eyes – that’s all I can tell you, or what’s fake may become very real to you.

Content made by robots, and the population of trans-human robots pretending to be real humans, even pretending to be you, is growing. Being aware of this phenomenon, being able to tell when and why artificial intelligence is interfacing with you, isn’t some requirement for the future: it’s here for YOU now. Abre los ojos Boca Raton.

A new ethic for being honest, being genuine, being real will surely emerge as a response, right?

Would you like to live in, work in, or look at these buildings every day? Would you rather live in a building that’s dreary alongside genuine, honest, ethical people or would you prefer to live in an oceanside mansion, next door to people who you can’t trust and who know better than to trust you? I’m not saying that it’s an either/or decision in real life, but if you had to pick from this hypothetical extreme, what would you choose?

What makes a town, its buildings, its codes, or its people? You’re my neighbor, so the “home” we make for ourselves is up to us. When you close your eyes and prompt yourself to envision “Boca” what do you see? Do you see the beaches, the buildings, the stores, the roads, the traffic or do you see the people? What makes this home for you?

Would these buildings add to the charm and style of Boca Raton or would they take away from it, in your mind? Let your opinions be known. Believe it or not: one small comment from could have an enormous impact on the future for all of us.

This is the last of a series of 4 articles about AI generated architectural designs for Boca Raton’s future. The other three are:

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