Rodgers Claims “PEOPLE ABOVE POLITICS”…Actions Speak Louder than Words!


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It is a myth that resident friendly candidates are against development. Resident friendly candidates are for development done in a way that takes into account the impact on schools, traffic and other quality of life issues for those left to live here now and in the future.

Once again, this year’s election, is about governance driven by where your interests lie: Good Governance is the Best Foundation

Who do you want your city officials beholden to?

As is now widely known in local circles, BocaWatch endorsed both Monica Mayotte and Kim Do for Boca Raton City Council.  These endorsements were perhaps the easiest decisions BocaWatch ever made.  Their opponents are backed and influenced by big money interests whose goal is to have three sure votes on the council so they can advance their goals for monetary gain.  Ms. Mayotte and Ms. Do are uninfluenced and un-beholden to the big money contributions and backing. They will best serve the residents.  The campaign finance reports tell it all.

Ms. Mayotte and Ms. Do are running independently of one another with different motivations that have brought them to this point.  However, they do share the motivation to serve the residents of our city.  Both are running for political office for the first time. Both are demonstrably supported by their own direct funding. Both are predominantly funded by individual contributions from residents.

Independent Voice vs Political Ticket

Contrast this with candidate Armand Grossman who is running against Monica Mayotte and Jeremy Rodgers who is running against Kim Do.  Both Rodgers and Grossman have a political history:

  • Grossman once served as Vice Mayor for Miami-Dade where he spent the majority of his adult life. He has had an aborted attempt to run for Boca City Council several years ago.
  • Rodgers currently serves on Boca’s City Council and he too had an aborted attempt to run for a higher political office several years ago. Grossman held a political fundraiser at his residence for Rodgers during Rodgers last campaign.

Rodgers and Grossman share the same campaign consultant and are predominately funded by legal and developer interests. They have consistently appeared at the same campaign events and recently brought partisan politics into a non-partisan city election. Together they have raised 3 times the amount of their opponents … combined.

Pay to Play vs Serving the Community

Individuals represent less than a quarter of the donors behind Rodgers and Grossman. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the campaign reports of Armand Grossman. While Monica Mayotte was walking the neighborhoods knocking on doors since October, Armand Grossman’s campaign finances swelled well past Mayotte’s in only a month’s time. The net effect is that Grossman is very obviously backed with more money from fewer people … the donor class.

Act with Purpose: Boca City Council Needs a Resident Majority

Due to a somewhat questionable past, long shot candidate Armand Grossman and his political operatives plus developer backers, seem hopeful that attaching his candidacy to incumbent Rodger’s campaign will improve his chance for success.  An informed voting public cannot let this happen. Residents and quality of life issues ride on your vote.

It’s up to you – the voters of Boca Raton.  Don’t let developer special interests ‘buy this election’ and determine your fate when it comes to the quality of life issues; to wit:  Reasonable, sustainable growth; traffic control; preservation of our precious parks and green space; public safety issues; and quality education for our youth.

BocaWatch proudly re-affirms its endorsements for all the right reasons!

VOTE:  Monica Mayotte for City Council Seat D

VOTE:  Kim Do for City Council Seat C

Let’s bring this election home for the residents!

Al Zucaro, Publisher

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  1. So what you’re saying is that Jeremy has received nearly $10,000 more from individuals than Kim. This is most likely because he has lived and been active in the Boca Raton community for many years. This is not the case for Kim that has been to few if any City Council or committee meetings. Perhaps it is because she just moved into town recently and doesn’t have much of a clue what is going on. Boca Watch’s lack of objectivity and telling of half-truths is extremely disappointing. You should highlight that Jeremy’s voting record nearly mirrors Andrea’s.

    Having been active in fighting the Midtown zoning changes and pushing for a city-directed plan myself, I can say that Jeremy has been for the common-sense handling of the project as much as Andrea has.

    • Notice you didn’t mention the $Dollars” from the developers,Pac’s, Chamber and Lawyers that are the Pac’s.
      Rogers never took a tough position in favor of the neighborhoods. He placed throw away votes that meant nothing.
      He constantly voted for ever variance the developers threw on the table.
      Growth and development is a necessary evil. Sensible growth that respects the impact on our community.
      Why can’t the developers and their pawns build and develop within code…..
      Answer.. They only care about making money and moving in…. Rogers is a very disingenuous political pawn.
      It’s a shame residents like Kim have little chance against the Developers and Chamber deep pockets.
      If you care about Boca… vote Monica and Kim!

  2. Yes, Rogers’ took the low road in the Ocean Breeze deal and thought no one would notice…..
    guess what ??? We ALL noticed. Vote for DO.

  3. Seth, thank you for your observation. However, you are not telling the full story. Jeremy Rodgers has not been a resident friendly voter. He has voted for every single high density high-rise development that has come before him. When you compare his voting record to Andrea’s as being a like it is misleading. Andrea was a supporter of waterfront parks. Jeremy represented the Chamber of Commerce in attempting to commercialize our waterfront. Also he voted to increase density at University Village. This occurred prior to Andrea’s arrival on city council. But I can assure you she would not have voted for increased density. Further, if you truly were an observer of the discussion regarding the Midtown site plan vote then you would’ve understood that Andrea lead the charge in having a site plan. Jeremy Rodgers was a reluctant participant and it took a full five hours before he finally could read the tea leaves and agreed to the site plan measure. He did not lead on this and in fact would’ve never voted for it had it not been for Andrea showing the way. For him to claim this as his own is disingenuous at best.

  4. Sorry for digging in again on this so quickly Seth, but as a passionate observer I must. Jeremy Rodgers has initiated nothing of value for three years. Name one thing please.. Look back just a few months at how he has let Andrea swing in the wind. He said nothing about school over crowding and was mum when the Mayor said “Schools are not our responsibility.” Andrea insisted on action regarding the Mayors hiding her relationship with the Batmasian’s. Jeremy, again, did not pick up on this obvious impropriety. To suggest Jeremy Rodgers is in anyway similar to Ms O’Rourke is frankly an insult to her dogged respect for the community and her objectivity and honesty as an elected official. Honesty relating to his being resident friendly is something Jeremy Rodgers cannot claim given his lust for funding from those who exploit the residents like the Chamber of Commerce. I don’t mean to offend you only ask for an accurate appraisal of Jeremy Rodgers.

    • James,

      If you watch the videos, I was the one that spoke in front of the Council and proposed a Midtown master plan at the meeting 2 weeks prior to Andrea bringing it to a vote. (No, I am not an will never run for office) You need to take into consideration that Jeremy was the 3rd and deciding vote for the City-directed plan. That matters.

      It’s truly unfortunate that people choose to sling mud and present half-truths regarding Jeremy rather than putting voting record side-by-side to Andrea’s, Boca Watch’s darling. (I like Andrea btw)

      Speaking of mudslinging, why doesn’t Monica send out stuff about Armand’s sordid past? He quit the race because of it last time. Voters have short memories and need to be reminded.

  5. @Seth. You have your own half truths you are trying to put out there. Jeremy’s been voting for 3 years; Andrea for 1. Comparing Jeremy’s record to Andrea’s is absurd. It’s a Rodgers talking point that you’re parroting for him. I was at the MidTown meeting. The moment the mayor commented it didn’t look good for the proposal, Bianco and Jeremy fell in line and moved toward deferring to after the election. Jeremy followed the Mayor’s lead and he kept looking at her as he talked. His position was reluctantly to go with Andrea’s planning effort but he stated clearly he didn’t think the infrastructure had to be built first as was recommended by P&Z and City Staff. That’s the pro-development/Chamber of Commerce position plain and simple. Go find another blog and give it your “No mud slinging test”. You won’t find one.

    As for your half truths, Jeremy Rodgers has been running and raising money since last fall when he had no competitor. He loaned himself $5K. Kim Do has been running since January and loaned herself $30K. So who is more personally invested? Both raised roughly $3,800 in Jan/Feb from individuals. Kim Do addresses her residency in her interview on here BocaWatch which based on your post, seems like you didn’t watch.


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