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A message from Monica Mayotte

March 9, 2018


As you may know, Tuesday is Election Day and, like you, I don’t think it can arrive soon enough.

I’m sending you this final email for two reasons: to thank you for your support and encouragement and to address some false accusations being made by my opponent in an 11th hour feat of desperation.

For several months, I have been walking door-to-door in many of our neighborhoods.  You welcomed me into your homes, shared your thoughts and concerns with me, and I’ve made many new friends along the way.  I can’t thank you enough.

That said, this past week has been a hard pill to swallow.  My opponent and his PAC have attacked me with lies and innuendo on tv, on social media and in our mailboxes.

I want to set the record straight.

Despite his constant denials, Armand Grossman is a developer, as has been reported multiple times in the media.  To put an end to the debate, below is a link to Armand Grossman’s bio on the local Ballroom Battle website.  Grossman describes himself as a developer!

Second, and I have been very clear on this point – I do not support raising taxes.  In fact, I want to find ways to lower our millage rate.  The truth is, property values are on the rise.  As a result, city revenues are on the rise.  The city will also be receiving additional tax revenue from the recent voter approved penny sales tax.  There is absolutely no reason to raise taxes.  Don’t let Armand Grossman put words in my mouth!

As I promised when I first filed to run for office, I am committed to preserving Boca Raton’s unique quality of life.  Every decision I make regarding development will take into consideration the impacts it will have on traffic, parking, density, resiliency, school overcrowding and open green space.

I ask for your vote on Tuesday.  Together, we can ensure Boca Raton remains the wonderful community that attracted us all here in the first place.

Thank you.


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  1. Monica… well said and thank you for taking on this challenge.
    The developers and Chamber have no regard for our City, our neighborhoods or the over crowded schools and God awful traffic. They are after the money! It’s that simple. They’ll be gone when the development slows and leave us with Hallandale Beach north!
    They could build to code.. but even that’s not enough. The Grossman/Rogers will rubber stamp ever exception and variance requested.
    Why… for the money!
    Good luck… I hope our neighbors understand the importance of these elections and show up! It’s their City too!

  2. You have the Fulp Family votes. We are excited for Tuesday and
    I would love to work with you again.
    You have al proven record of leadership and hard work years in the making.
    Good luck!

    Lisa Fulp


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