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  1. On what basis has BocaWatch declared Ms Do a ‘resident friendly’ candidate? Please share with us some of the details of her history of involvement in the communities she lived in prior to coming to Boca. Can you educate us on issues that she may have supported and those she may have opposed? Armed with that knowledge we might be in a position to make a more informed judgement. All I’ve heard so far is that schools are overcrowded. Really! Who knew?. So to reiterate real facts are what we need at this time.

  2. Well… took the time to go to Kim’s kickoff meeting and spend some time with her and her family. I’m impressed with her positions on our school issues and the over development that has been embraced by her opponent.
    She’s new.. so of course she doesn’t have a voting record in Boca but that’s part of her charm. We need a change from. City Government that rubber stamps anything the developers or Chamber put in front of them.
    Her election is a tough pull and a long shot. The Developers and Chamber are the money behind both Rogers and Grissman.
    I supporte her willingness to do something instead of being one of our local “gas bags”. I’ve given her time, donations and have already voted.
    Hope all of you give her and Monica the support they deserve. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

  3. I agree — she’s a breath of fresh air, and I believe she’ll be much more resident-friendly than Mr. Rodgers; we know where his interests lie after his ‘no’ vote of Ocean Breeze.

    • You’d think the “gas bags” would get it but
      Unfortunately money has to much to do with our local politicians.

  4. Kim Do a single mother with two children in our public school system,she recognized very quickly that our school children are suffering the effects of over development, something that didn’t occur to most of our current city council members.She wants to make a difference ,Kim is not going to wait for the school board to fix our problem she’s going to force them to fix our problem. She stepped up to the plate when a lot of us long time residents did not.Her resume is extremely impressive, Kim brings a world perspective to our community.I personally find it refreshing that she comes to our city government with no other motive than to roll up her sleeves and help make her family‘s new home better.

    It’s time for the citizens to take back their city, vote Kim Do.

  5. Ian, Gerald, Chris, you all have some good points. I spent a lot of time talking to her and she is very smart and very concerned about our schools especially safety. After Parkland tragedy I found out that parents in Broward and Palm beach county are doing private audits of school safety. They are finding a very lax attitude especially right here in boca. The school district says new standards 1 officer per 1000 students and that means 4 at boca high. No way. Maybe for a month but than back to same o same o. I am picking on boca officers just that there is no way they can staff our 11 schools. Boca needs to hire private armed pros to supplement boca cops. All of us need to show up at the next council meeting and demand we need a permanent solution. This is very serious. Every school in broward is putting a plan in place along with most of palm beach and what is boca doing. Nothing except a task force to study. We need some leaders on the council and Kim Do and Monica Mayotte along with Andrea O’Rourke are a good start.

  6. I want to make it very clear Boca Police are outstanding but stretched to thin. They have 20 open spots to add to 219 I think just to meet the needs of boca’s 95k residents. I made a mistake in last comment it should been “not picking on boca police”. Under Bd of Ed guidelines 1 cop for every 1k students that means 4 for boca high alone. That means 25 to 30 to guard our kids. No way. We need at least 1 officer per school since has arresting authority and 3 add’l private guards . Now look at all the other schools. 1 officer for Add Mizner is nuts. At least 2 since sickness, vacations, and totally open campus. Boca residents wake up. Private schools are acting not studying the issue. There are 2 things I want you to do. If a parent or not ask or walk the school and check out security, Count the officers, ask them how many are there with you. Talk to the teachers ask them if they are ok with security than come to the next city council and tell them what you found . I am a grand parent and I am scared and mad as hell at this city council.

  7. Is this candidate an American citizen? Her resume states she moved here just five years ago from Viet Nam. Just curious…

  8. True, we might not know with absolute certainty how Kim will vote on all future issues, but after three years of Deputy Mayor Rodgers on Council we do know how he will vote.
    Pockets of neighborhoods throughout our city were let down by some of his votes. Do you reward a candidate who has disappointed you – or do you give the new kid a shot at the council seat?

  9. Emma,

    To answer your question, please read Ms Do’s information. Yes, like you, she is a citizen. And like you or your family one time, an immigrant. She has lived as an American for 34 years, her children were born here.

    Isn’t it great she has, with her education and experience, the desire to give to our community? A welcome, qualified candidate who can and will devote more time to the task at hand than her opponent who comes to meetings unprepared and represents developers bs we the residents?

    • James.. I share your enthusiasm for Kim. The more I learn the more I like.
      We can’t be sure how she will vote on every issue but that’s probably a good thing. I’ve spent enough time with her to know she cares about our City and the education and safety of the kids.
      Her opponent on the other hand.. is an empty suit that is only noticeable because of the developers and Chamber’s campaign cash in the pockets of that empty suit.
      Let’s give Kim a chance… at least she’ll understand the issues and come prepared!


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