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The Palm Beach Board of Education met with parents and blamed the people of Boca and its City Council for its overcrowded schools. Jack explains.

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  1. I live in unincorporated Palm Beach county and we have a Boca Raton address. Do your numbers include students who live in unincorporated Palm Beach county and attend Boca High? I can definitely say that people are moving to my neighborhood because their children can attend Boca schools. There are a lot of kids here and more each year.

    Look around at all the development that the city of Boca Raton has approved. How many of those homes have children? It IS the fault of the residents of Boca Raton for allowing the city to approve the building of all these new homes. The developer is no longer responsible for fully funding infrastructure improvements for new developments; they only have to provide their fair share. That direction comes from the state legislators because developers quickly realized that it is easier to lobby Tallahassee than to lobby each individual city and county to get their way.

    You are providing bad advice to residents of Boca Raton by telling them to speak to their city council. A better choice would be the county commission. But, you need to realize that Palm Beach is a large county and all of Palm Beach county is also being overdeveloped. This is our fault because we elected people that are in bed with the developers.

    The schools and roads will never keep pace with the number of homes being built and the number of people moving here. This is not a new thing. This has been going on for decades and rampant overdevelopment is the cause. Realize too that this rampant overdevelopment is statewide.

    I do think the school district should spend more money checking addresses because I’m sure that there are many students in Boca schools that don’t live in Boca. But, that’s just a shell game. These kids have to go to school somewhere.

    I really can’t comment on how the school board gets its funding because I do not know. But, if it comes from the state then it’s probably lower than it needs to be.

  2. Jack thank you very much for making this your priority, coming from a parent with children in the Boca Raton school system.I couldn’t agree with you more, it’s absolutely the Boca Raton city Council’s job”our representatives” to fight for the children and teachers of this community. Hopefully with the pressure that you and Boca watch are applying along with informing the residence, it will become their number one priority this year.

    I think it was great that we had three of the five city council members there attending the meeting so they could hear it for themselves,along with candidate Kim Do. I still know in my heart she would have absolutely rolled up her sleeves on this if she were elected.Unfortunately Jeremy Rodgers and our mayor did not attend the meeting.

    Best regards,
    Chris Scarpa

  3. Janet, I agree with everything you said but doesn’t Florida attract more retirees than families with children? That has been the case for decades.
    A larger problem is that Florida is home to seven “sanctuary counties.” The sanctuary counties are: Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.
    Part or most of the over crowding is due to illegal children (unaccompanied illegal border crossing children) and not legal children.
    Businesses that hire illegals (for cheap labor), who bring their children are a part of the problem and should not be ignored.
    All aspects of “overcrowding need to be addressed. And you are right that this includes parents who live outside our city of Boca and lie about where they live to get into Boca schools.
    Not only developers but Business are a problem B/c they hire illegals for cheap labor. Think about landscapers…e-verify would eliminate most of their work force.
    The sanctuary counties play a big part …..Ca. is a good example of how sanctuary status doesn’t work.


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