Futuristic Condominiums in Boca Raton Envisioned by AI


Condos will continue to be popular residences on the ocean along the east coast of Florida for many decades to come. Older condos will be built by newer, safer, better designed buildings. Some will be amazing. Others will become places where lessons are learned about what’s going to be good in the future and what kind of problems the future will bring.

Many today people say that they wouldn’t want to live in such a massive structure, or next door to one, but this condo built in 2075 will have marijuana and cocaine dispensaries that are exclusive for residents.
Religious movements and closed technocracies will build expensive places to house their frenzied followers and fiendish technocrats planning your dystopian Boca future.
Selling for no less than $55 million apiece, these 4000+ sq ft condos will be mostly unoccupied from 2073 and beyond when conservative anti-bigamists win office in Florida.
A sewerage leak at the Soy Sausage plant released 30,000 tons of phosphate laden soy-byproducts into the Intracoastal on Feb. 23, 2083. Residents impacted will complain about the soy smell for weeks.
In 2055 a lazy Boca architect gets convinced by their AI to design an actual condo based off that strange looking building out at Lynn University that everyone wonders what it is used for.
This design features ornamental plants raised above the ground. The balconies on the farther buildings allude to units that are multi-story and have their own balcony gardens. That is a cool concept, the multi-floor unit. From the scale of image it looks like these multi-floor units could be up to four floors high.
More of the plants-on-rounded-balconies motif.
These two towers seem to be leaning on each other while their skirts are balconies loaded with greenery.
In 2055 this single 6 story penthouse will be owned and occupied by the artificial intelligence homonculi and golems who will totally manage all of the City’s government, matchmaking and social affairs. Each city resident will be invited to sabbatical sessions where this digital quantum mind trains.
As the size of dogs will keep decreasing, balconies with grass and ornamental plants will become more in demand. To keep the residents of this condo restricted a rule was put in place where everyone who lives here has to be able to do 100 push-ups in one shot. No girl-ups!
Looking out at some putt-putt golf area, or a place to play what will become America’s top sport: Pickleball 3000, becomes a better alternative than looking out over a roof of air-conditioners.
This futuristic Boca condo will have it all, especially a funky pool on top. There will also be a secret hidden spiral ramp that descends from the penthouse levels all the way to the bottom floor. It will be used exclusively by the multi-trillionaire owner who lives on the top seven floors to longboard down just to get his jollies.
This condo-over-condos approach will let Century Village residents in the top level enjoy classic condo living while the bottom levels will be used used to provide affordable housing to FAU students.


A retro-revival movement in 2090 will bring the PINK back to Boca. They won’t know any better because they’ll be thinking about electrolytes and trading home-made fruit leather.

Nelson’s story continued:
Nelson was always a ballroom dancer at heart, and when he got the chance to work for the South Florida Cougar Committee in 2063, he jumped at it. Little did he know that his dreams were about to take an unexpected turn.

The job seemed perfect high pay with lots of time off but just one year into it Nelson twisted his ankle while practicing new steps. It took months of rehabilitation before he could dance again, and by then the injury had taken its toll on him both physically and mentally.

Not only was Nelson unable to return to dancing; due to mounting medical bills, he also had no choice but move out of his posh beachfront condo and into a more affordable Moorish style pink housing complex called La Casa de Color Rosa near Boca Ratons downtown area.

At first glance things appeared normal enough in this residential area though nobody wanted come close because they all gossiped about some strange rituals taking place behind closed doors after dark . The truth is that something peculiar indeed happened inside these walls instead of traditional Mormon services or Santeria ceremonies as outsiders speculated , it turned out that there existed a hybrid religion combining elements from both faiths which locals referred asMorsantería.

The origin of Morsantería is unclear, but people know it started with a trans-human woman named Doña Maritza who was said to have arrived in the area from Argentina many years ago and brought her beliefs with her into the apartment communities around Town Center II. Soon after she began recruiting followers to join this new religion some out of curiosity while others were desperate for spiritual guidance. Among them was Nelson who received an invitation to attend one their meetings hosted by the groups leader Don Esteban whose charisma had attracted even those outside its ranks.

At first Nelson felt uncomfortable considering he wasnt quite sure what would happen at such gatherings , but once there he realized that things weren‘t as intimidating as they seemed rather than some sort of cultish experience filled with dark rituals, these services focused on finding peace within oneself through genres of techno music: jungle, trance, D&B and gay-house. vRituals involved AR guided prayer and video game based meditation.

During his time there Nelson learned about how Santeria preached the power of nature and ancestor worshiping which blended well into Mormon teachings emphasizing respect for all living beings ; together they formed a cohesive whole providing comfort during difficult times like when someone lost loved ones or needed help dealing with grief. Nelson spent most of his time doing augmented reality based chanting, focusing his techno-loosh on healing his sore ankle, thinking about how he’d be dancing with the social-credit-flush cougars soon again. 

Nelson soon found himself growing attached to this newfound faith believing it provided answers not only spiritually but also helped him adjust to his new life in La Casa de Color Rosa. He soon became part of the community and even offered techno-spiritual guidance as a volunteer at their body modification meetings, something he had never thought himself capable of before without his parent’s permission.

It was during this time that Nelsons ankle began healing faster than expected which made all those around him believe it was due to Morsantería‘s powerful combination of faith, tradition and proprietary faith-directed nanobots. Eventually his injury healed completely allowing Nelson return to dancing now with even greater passion for the art form than ever before; thanks to Don Esteban, Doña Maritza and everyone else who welcomed him into their strange yet beautiful neo-Ratonian religion. He even danced one time with Doña Maritza, her favorite cop-attracting “humpy-dance” that Nelson’s ancestor “White Chocolate” had first invented right here in Boca Raton almost a century before that. 

However, the LifeMayor of Boca was a strict antibigamist and a zealot, so Nelson had no idea what would come next: a potential arrest or a chance to stay and keep fulfilling his lifelong dream

Find out what happens to Nelson, future Boca resident, in the next article where some Brutalist condo designs will be shown.

Yeow – Pink makes a comeback in the future.
In certain unique situations pink can be done tastefully, so there will always be opportunities to contrast it against the blue of the ocean.
This is an example of a future architect going heavily for a Spanish revival/ Moorish architecture design. Surprisingly these will not be that popular and will be demolished soon after.
A conservative Daoist female rapper that will become famous for the song “Imma lub wit a lobstah” will live here for only three years before her prison term begins.
Record breaking corruption around illegal political donations will lead to a scandal in the year 2042 after residents discover the Mayor, appointed for life, approved the City’s first legal casino.

Boca Raton was spared from condo development by the forward thinking visions of Boca Raton’s early leaders. One of the people given most credit for preserving the beaches as public spaces was Don Capron. His vision of the future left the skyline above the shore open, not pushed downward by towers loaded with people.

Let’s hope that city leaders share Don’s vision for a city of parks in the future.

If you think these designs are too wild then you might like some of the other designs that artificial intelligence rendered: Condos in Boca Raton’s Near Future & Wild Future Condos in Boca Raton.

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