Wild Future Condos In Boca Raton


Condos will be built in Boca Raton in the future. Artificial Intelligence was asked to envision wild condo designs that could be built in Boca Raton maybe 20 or 30 years from today.

The future is coming to Boca Raton. New designs will be emerging. Old, classic, world-class architecture we’ve loved and called home will inspire new ideas, make new forms cohere together into homes for the future residents of Boca. Previously we took a look at some artificial intelligence visions into what could be designed and built in Boca Raton in the next ten years. Now we’re going forward again, into 2050 or 2060, looking at what will be built on the same old beach we’ve loved.

More Massive, More Organic, More Rounded

big, thick and rounded – less of a tower – more of a structure that communicates stability
This round roofed Spanish tile roof style makes this condo and its giant pool look like a vision of George Lucas.
Waves meet the waves.
The wild balcony designs and the curves of these buildings look like they were fit into the wind.
Look at this crazy tower in the middle. Could people live in it? Would there be some use for those tiny spaces? Who knows?
Imagine a second inlet re-opens and the beautiful blue ocean water circulates through Lake Boca. These white domed roofs and beautiful residential spaces will make it less of a disaster.
Massive stout and rounded towers sit south of the Inlet and feature sky gardens, a raised common space, and a crazy pool.
These three rounded tower designs connect to a fourth via a skybridge.
These caps make the otherwise blocky buildings look sleek and aerodynamic, like a boat or a ship.

Let’s ask an AI to imagine what it might be like a few decades ahead:

Nelson, a 42 year old man living in a luxurious condo near the beach in Boca Raton, was getting ready for his work meeting 15 miles away. It was 2063, and the world had changed drastically over the past few decades.

Nelson‘s apartment was equipped with all sorts of futuristic technology that made preparing for his meeting much easier than ever before. He started off by using an AI-enabled voice assistant to order an autonomous car from one of the nearby rental companies. The car arrived within minutes and Nelson hopped in and spoke his destination into the dashboard computer. The car took off with no input from him as it drove itself across town to his destination while he relaxed on board.

When he arrived at the arcology near the swamp, Nelson stepped out of his self-driving car into a world full of sophisticated technological marvels that were designed specifically for this location’s environment – solar powered robots skittering around monitoring wildlife, drones buzzing overhead collecting data on air quality and pollution levels, intelligent surveillance systems tracking people’s movements throughout its corridors…and so much more!

To make sure he looked presentable at this important meeting, Nelson used a state-of-the art 3D body scanner to get measured up precisely. The device then projected a hologram of the perfect clothes for his body type, which he could change and customize to his own liking. He also used an AI-powered makeup printer to apply cosmetics directly onto his face with perfect precision. By the time he was finished getting himself ready he had arrived at the location where the car had to drop him off: at a structure located at the intersection of Glades and Palmetto: the Glades Arcology, a 17M square foot facility that contained residences, shops, workplaces and even some manufacturing and shipping sections.  

Once Nelson was all dressed up and ready to go, he used a hoverboard to quickly travel through the arcology’s corridors – no waiting in traffic or having to worry about parking! As he arrived at the meeting room, Nelson felt confident that he had made it on time and looking stylish due to all of the future products available at his disposal.

Condos with Openings in their Centers

Condos with areas that can be seen through create a unique aesthetic. Structures with holes in them, buildings are holey places.
This incredibly massive development on the beach in future Boca Raton combines the ship motif with the skybridge. The arches at the top create unique penthouse outdoor areas.
The curves of this condo are extremely feminine and the hat at the top points upward into the sky to the north where rockets are launched many times every day into space towards the Moon and Mars.
Would this design tempt future daredevil aeronauts with their flying cars and personal jetpacks? Maybe it’s designed that way in order not to block the skyway along the beach?
These condos feature skybridge elements that have giant aqua windows. The pool beneath surrounds a Tiki bar that sells rejuvenation drinks, and foods picked by artificial intelligence to extend life and vitality.

Those were some really wild designs, right? Don’t worry. That’s not the end of them. There’s still some more and they get even wilder. Some are too wild. We’ll take a look at those next.

If you think these are too wild then you might want to see some condo designs predicted for the near future. If you like these  then take a look at some more futuristic condo designs, even some that really shouldn’t be built in Boca.




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