Take a look at what Boca Raton will look like in the future. See what artificial intelligence image generation yields when prompted to hallucinate ahead twenty or fifty years from now. See the world that could be coming, or potentials that may never come to pass.

two towers slightly yellow
This AI generated image looks familiar, but these two towers don’t actually exist. They’re a hallucination of a machine.

Boca Raton is has architectural styles that are distinct.  Moorish,  Brutalist, and Modernist influences combine to give our city its present unique charm and style.

I prompted an artificial intelligence image generator with text, asking it to show me “Boca Raton in the future”. I was interested in seeing how funky condo designs and large building designs could get. Specifying that I wanted to see more Moorish influences and a stronger Brutalist influence, and how that might translate into future building designs. Then I sat and waited while my PC churned out images, photographic quality views into a potential Boca Raton future.

Let’s start with what looks familiar but are still the hallucinations of a machine. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Bobcat Arms Condos – decked out in blue and gold
a rounded condo with interesting roof embellishments
Common looking condos that don’t actually exist yet – artificial intelligence likes to put beaches on both sides of the shot.
Three fantasy condos in Boca's future
Three fantasy condos in Boca’s future. Note the aerial bridge element. That will appear more.
How much per month will this future condo rent for in the season? 10K/month at least.
AI imagined a fun and expansive green area along with some Moorish elements without being prompted to include them specifically.
How the skyline could look in the future. Personally I find this to be boring and repetitive. The two styles seem to compete rather than compliment.
Note the pagoda/minaret peaks at the top. That’s another Moorish element that wasn’t promoted. Big crazy pools seem to be what AI thinks we will want in the future.
Three towers appearing to be created by the same future architect. The blued glass elements add color.
The Hurricane Catcher’s Mitt
This looks familiar, right?
A massive structure that is more like something found in Aventura or the Bahamas. Again the AI put the building between two impossible beaches for Boca.
Crazy pools, beautiful roof elements and a Moorish parking garage make this future location look like an amazing tax generator.
a close up view of the wavy balcony style artificial intelligence imagines Boca will have in the future



a gigantic pool and balconies that expand upwards make this glimpse into the future exciting

These glimpses into the future are somewhat tame, not radical. The next post will include some of the more futuristic visions of Boca Raton, styles that are beyond what we’re seeing around us today.  I really enjoy using artificial intelligence to generate imagery, to leverage its uninhibited and rapid ability to hallucinate with meaning and share those hallucinations with us.

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