BocaWatch Interviews Jessica Gray: What’s Next for 2500 N. Ocean Blvd. Construction Project?


Development intrudes on Boca Raton’s pristine beach!

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  1. The sale of the western lot did not make the eastern lot non-conforming as implied. Also , the lot at 2600 does not need a variance.

  2. There was a significant miss on the part of City Council during the hearings that led to Council’s approval of the variance. First, the City Attorney informed the members that each variance request that comes forward stands on its own merit. Second, the members that voted to approve cited two points for approval: 1. Variances in the immediate area had been approved for other properties. 2. The threat of a lawsuit from the land use attorney if the request for variance was not approved.

    Regarding the first item – The prior approved variances happened decades ago and were WEST of A1A. the subject property is EAST of A1A This was not an apples to apples comparison. That, plus the City Attorney’s guidance gave CC enough valid evidence to deny the variance. On the second item – The actions of our current CC indicates that when a developer or developer representative threatens lawsuit for any reason, the CC bends to their will. When residents threaten a lawsuit, the CC stance is “Bring it on”, we’ll even use your own money (tax dollars) to fight you.

    The voters of this city need to take action and support “resident friendly” candidates or expect more of the same.


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