Misleading or Incompetence….the Horns of a Dilemma


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East of A1A….where turtles nest…no longer!

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  1. “Oh My God” lying politician’s …..”Incompetents in Government” What shall we do ? I know, DRAIN the SWAMP !
    The Hits Just Keep On Comin ! To Be Continued .

  2. We need to enforce traffic regulations, the speeding and aggressive driving is out of control.
    Hire more police officers and hand out expensive tickets.

      I totally agree!!
      I’ve written the mayor and police chief and haven’t seen any improvement !!
      I also wrote the president of FAU
      Seems a law suit against the city for refusal to enforce their own laws could be the next step
      I’m fed up with the pandemic bad behavior in or town too
      What can we do??

  3. An inventory of the land east of A1A from 2300 N. Ocean Blvd to Highland Beach city limits (1.41 miles) shows a total of 15 parcels. Five are City Owned, one is owned by the Beaches and Park District, six are Condo owned and three are single property owned.

    Of the three single property owned parcels, one is developed (Petruzzelli), one parcel (2500) soon will have a building permit and the third (2600) requires no variance to build. At this point the only way to prevent development is for the city to buy the property.

    Development can’t occur for the six condo properties because they transferred the development rights to the west side of A1A. A rezoning for higher density or a demolition of existing units would be necessary.

    The six publicly owned parcels ( 5 city, 1 Beaches and Parks) could be developed if the properties were leased or sold. We need a Beach Front ordinance similar to the waterfront land adjacent to the Intracoastal ordinance to ensure no development.


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