Airport Appointments….Residents and Taxpayers pay!


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Last week sometime after midnight, without prior notice to the public and over objection, the City Council allowed the City Attorney to proceed in hiring, at resident/taxpayer expense, outside legal counsel to defend the controversial appointments to the Boca Raton Airport Authority of a City Council member and the Deputy City Manager.

Attached here is the complete video dialogue of that late evening episode. It is about thirty minutes long and offers significant insight into the City Attorney’s justification and the Council’s reaction.

Basically, the argument goes something like this….elected and appointed officials, individually, should receive legal advice and counsel from the city attorney when their individual actions are challenged in outside third party agencies; to wit: Florida Commission on Ethics.


Since when does the City Attorney represent any person or any entity other than the City Council as a whole? The City Attorney’s proper role is to advise the Council as a body on legal matters. Even defending an individual member of the council is beyond the scope.

In the attached video it appears from the stated positions taken by council members, that the policy now is for the City Attorney to be available to defend challenges to any and all council members, any and all appointed officials, and any and all potential appointee regardless.

Talk about the theater of the absurd!!!!

Don’t take my word for this…..Please review the attached video and formulate your own opinion…..Yes, another ‘opinion de jour’….

YouTube – City Attoney Recommends Hiring Ourside Council

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