A Waterfront Culinary Experience Requires Vision, Imagination & Community Will


The Debate Continues

Is it a park, or is it a restaurant?  Why not both?  Why not more than both?  Over the past several weeks BocaWatch has attempted to make it clear:  Ordinance 5356, which will appear on the November 8 ballot, does not limit the opportunity for multi-use activities on City-owned land adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway.  That statement was made clear by none other than the City of Boca Raton City Attorney and the Deputy City Manager during a public hearing.  In spite of that public information, a number of those individuals that favor a restaurant only, have falsely claimed that the issue of Ordinance 5356 is simply; a park versus a restaurant.  Simple, but false.

Open Your Mind to the Possibilities

A small footprint, culinary experience on a waterfront park setting is achievable, alongside interactive public art, walking paths, and recreation.  It requires vision, imagination, and the will to aspire to something better than a single, full-blown, brick and mortar restaurant that includes more than a 70% asphalt parking lot.  Yes folks, fresh asphalt, in abundance, on a prime piece of City-owned waterfront property – property the citizens own.  We can do better.

We Can Make This a Winner for Everyone

Think Culinary! Think Small Scale! Think Creatively!

On November 8th you can vote your imagination – vote Yes on Ordinance 5356 to keep waterfront parks available for recreation, boating, public gathering places, fun and more.

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