Zika Prevention & Protection in Boca Raton


Boca Raton has taken serious steps to improve connectivity with the residents.  The website has improved; the use of social media is growing and their interaction with community groups has reached a new height…..

With the growing threat of the Zika virus, last week the city’s Public Information Officer reached out to BocaWatch with a request that we help disseminate information on prevention and protection against this dangerous virus.  BocaWatch welcomes the opportunity to assist in this important civic matter

The following is a message from city spokeswoman Chrissy Gibson:

I called the mosquito control division this morning and had a LONG conversation with an extremely friendly gentleman who told me that they are happy to come out and spray if people call and request it.  The number is 561-967-6480.  If people/businesses are experiencing a mosquito problem, they will assess the situation, try to determine the source of breeding and then spray.

He told me that large urn planters with foliage, often in front of people’s entry ways or condominium entrances, are often the worst breeding grounds, because the catch trays under the pots/urns  fill with stagnant water.

In order to protect people and prevent the spread of Zika, South Florida residents need to be vigilant. For more information on mosquito control or Zika, visit the Palm Beach County Mosquito Control website. 

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