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Boca Raton’s schools are facing a major problem: overcrowding. Despite the issue, there is no clear plan to deal with the problem of classroom overcrowding for Boca High school students.

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  1. Thank you for watching this video and thank you Chris Scarpa. We have allowed the development crowd to control our City Council to the point they can’t manage GOOD, REASONABLE, PLANNED AND NEEDED DEVELOPMENT, To do it right will require developers to pay for what they sow so they and the residents reap the best result. It’s all about maximizing their profits by supporting the likes of Robert Weinroth and the Mayor whose campaigns are being paid by the greedy developers to your detriment.

  2. Thanks for raising the issue. As a parent of current High School students born in Boca, a High School teacher and a former long time IBM (remember then) employee please accept the following suggestion. Note that this comment is my own and does not represent that of our school district. We do not need another high school building, we need to manage what we have Boca High should lead the charge on being more progressive in using its facilities better. It is not possible to shift the hours of the school because of district busing, but it would be possible to offer a “choice” to students and teachers to attend a shifted schedule school if they could use their own transport. Note that Dreyfoos schedule can be shifted to accommodate a number of students using a dedicated Trirail car because it does not burden the busses. In our case, shifting the entire school schedule will not help overcrowding but a staggard or alternate CHOICE schedule would. What High school student wouldn’t jump at the chance to start school in the afternoon or evening? It is a scheduling issue, not a facility issue. Our schools sit empty most of the time, why not use them to solve several problems–overcrowding, traffic jams and the very fact that teens learn better later in the day. I am sure many teachers would also enjoy the schedule shift! Don’t get me wrong, scheduling is one a school’s greatest issues, but we have so many businesses here with experts in scheduling I am sure we could work it out if we took a small step out of the very broken educational system “box.” Also note that these days many High School students have dual enrollment, jobs/internships off campus (called senior priveledge), and virtual course requirements/options which is currently unmanaged from the scheduling point of view. This mirrors the working world we are preparing them for–virtual or mobile and flexible jobs. Boca is a city filled with business managers–help our schools set a new bar for managing the schools we have rather than adding to our development with another building please. Thanks and God Bless us all this year with new and better solutions!

  3. Here’s an idea.Have building managers open up the many vacate office buildings that sit dormant and moribund to the school board and hundreds of excess students to be used in a display of civic duty.


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