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Palm Beach County Commissioner Steven Abrams stopped by to chat about the latest on trains, planes and automobiles in Boca Raton.

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  1. Commissioner Abrams, I have a few questions that I would love answered:

    1 – how are you planning to handle the influx of traffic on Military Trail once the new station opens? In 2015, I drove to a job on Yamato Road which is 6 miles from my house and it took 35 minutes which is ridiculous but not unexpected since there are no restrictions on development in Palm Beach county or any Florida county these days.

    2 – this is not a question so much as a comment. I think there is too much traffic into the Boca Airport when Trump is here. I am on the approach to Boca and these jets make a lot of noise, at all hours. Are the planes that will use the new customs facility going to be corporate jets or something larger that the residents near the airport will have then to endure?

  2. Bob , remember when the airport had ‘Unicom Girls’? (If so you might know my sister).
    Hubby and I live in a 1940’s house built for the air force,
    Boca Airport’s history is definitely far reaching.


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