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On this episode of What Boca is Saying, Katie sits down with Bill DeAngelis, a Paradise Palms resident, to discuss the pros and cons of MidTown Boca.

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  1. The elected city officials are running our beautiful town and turning it into a little Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.
    What are they thinking?

  2. I’m nearly a 20 year resident of Boca Raton and of the Fairfield community – I’m actually looking forward to the planned improvements in amenities and pedestrian accessibility of the Midtown project. I live within a quarter mile of Town Center Mall and cannot even safely walk there due to a complete lack of continuous sidewalk. Bring on the improvements Midtown! I for one am looking forward to leaving my car at home.

  3. I’m a 26 year resident of Fairfields and agree with Bill. While some development in this area would be beneficial, 2500 rental units is not a good idea, no matter what the ‘trends’ are.

  4. take one F rated road (Military)Trail-which does not meet traffic concurrency standards because it is beyond its capacity) and add 2500 residential units, how is that even possible? Under existing concurrency laws before the PM zoning change this never could happen legally. We are headed down the “rabbit hole” on this one, folks. .Planned Mobility is proving to be one thing- an apartment developer’s relief act. An “end-run” around concurrency. Crocker reps admitted as much at the neighborhood out reach. “We have been working on this for 6 years” they said….I thought so, the shadow in our government just came out from behind the curtain..The force behind PM zoning was apartment developers.. Future apartments are now being planned for the Town Center Mall site, yes that, too. (and all the land in between. This is the new realtiy. It’s not 2500 rental units . it’s more like 6000.. They want that kept quiet, too, for obvious reasons.. Sorry, folks, this is the truth and the is what they do not want to tell you, because it’s just so deceptively packaged. Get your bus tickets. you are going to need them.

  5. So one old retiree wants to walk from her apartment in Fairfield’s to the mall, and the rest of us thousands of people going to and from work get to sit in gridlock on Military Trail everyday???
    Allegedly, Thomas Crocker lives in east Delray Beach near the intercoastal, so he won’t be sitting in the traffic, lol.


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