Evidence of Voter Fraud Nationwide


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States perform interstate cross-checks of voter registrations.

28 states, including Kansas, opened their voter rolls to cross-checks. The Kansas Secretary of State has released their interstate
cross-check of voter registrations.  http://tinyurl.com/moxapsz

They have found more than 7 million duplicate registrations!

Know this: 22 states refused to open their rolls to cross-checks.  Here is the list of those 22 states and the candidate their Electors voted for:

Vermont – Clinton
Rhode Island – Clinton
Connecticut – Clinton
New York – Clinton
New Jersey – Clinton
Pennsylvania – Trump
Delaware – Clinton
Maryland – Clinton
Florida – Trump
Wisconsin – Trump
Minnesota – Clinton
Texas – Trump
New Mexico – Clinton
North Dakota – Trump
Montana – Trump
Wyoming – Trump
Utah – Trump
Washington – Clinton
Oregon – Clinton
California – Clinton
Alaska – Trump
Hawaii – Clinton

In those 22 states, Mrs. Clinton won 163 Electoral votes and Trump won 115.

In the 28 states with voter rolls open to cross-checks, the tally was 191 for Trump and 69 for Mrs. Clinton.

Think about that!  The evidence clearly indicates that there was not only (a) massive fraud but that (b) it also heavily favored Clinton.  The Clinton Clan of Corruption!!!!

Author’s comment:

This information actually came to me from, Dagfinn Moe, a Norwegian friend living in Serbia where he teaches modern business methods to farmers.

This link, http://tinyurl.com/moxapsz, shows the state-by-state chart.

Allan Ward


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  1. This article is biased towards Trump, confirmed by the fact that the author is a Tea Partier. This document provides no evidence of voter fraud only that some people are registered in more than one place. This is not an indication that people are intentional trying to fix the election. I have lived in several places and could possibly still be registered to vote in those places where I’ve lived before. It’s not because I’m trying to vote twice. In any case even if some people were, it goes both ways. People from both sides could have taken part in these activities. Having said that there clearly should be a system in place to move someone’s voter registration from one place to the other instead of just leaving people on the books.

  2. You Trumpies seem obsessed with the election! It is over – get over it! Trump won the Electoral College bolstered by a Russian hack that was mysteriously limited to the Democratic Party, a recount is not going to change that. Don’t worry, the Democrats are not going to amend the voting rules to install the people’s choice candidate in place of Trump, changing the law to “majority rules” is a trick only Republicans use to vote in Supreme Court justices.

  3. I read this article twice, and I still did not read any evidence of voter fraud. I am only guessing, but if a state attorney was to prosecute voter fraud in the 2016 election, we’d be seeing it in every news outlet in the nation. Not sure what this has to do with Boca Raton at all???

  4. I look in vain for a logical connection or any reasonable link between the data presented and a conclusion about voter fraud. What on earth is the author trying to tell us?

    In the absence of any empirical evidence of fraud I turned to the apparent villains of the piece, the states that refused to cross check.rolls Do they have anything in common that might incline them to fraud? But I am confronted with a demographic, geographic and ideological hodge- podge that throws Texas in with California and New York in with Florida.The good guys aren’t much better with liberal Massachusetts and Illinois working with conservative Alabama and Mississippi to cross check their voter lists..

    Perhaps the author should take off his ideological glasses and take another look at the data One thing that I noticed is that the states that refuse to cross check include the five most populous in the country. Maybe that’s a place to start.

  5. This article has no place on site dedicated firstly to problems of city of Boca Raton. Tea Party grievances should not be published here at all.


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