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Written by BocaWatch Staff Writers

Did what you read today in the Sun Sentinel sound familiar?

What most people don’t know is that blogger Randy Schultz writes for the editorial board of the Sun Sentinel. If you have been wondering why their editorial page seems more out of touch with Boca Raton than it used to be, now you know why.

I mean really, how could they have gotten the Wildflower vote so wrong? And ignore the ongoing conflicts and inside dealing in city hall? That just would not have happened just a few years ago.

BocaWatch readers are asking why Randy Schultz is being so nasty to Andrea O’Rourke and Al Zucaro. The answer is painfully clear.

The answer isn’t as complicated as you might think. Randy simply has the same motive as the Tallahassee PACs and developers who are relentlessly attacking both Andrea and Al: profits.

So what’s the deal? Randy Schultz started publishing City Watch years after BocaWatch launched. You would think a long time scribe could get more creative with the name, but regardless, . he knows BocaWatch is his direct competitor.

He also knows that BocaWatch has a far stronger readership than City Watch. That’s a fact.

Schultz has allowed his personal interests to outweigh the residents of Boca Raton. Sound familiar? Much like our current mayor and some on the city council.

Now you know what is up over there on the Sentinel Editorial Page. It’s not pretty. In fact, it’s really sad.

No wonder newspapers are dying.

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  1. I am so sick of the corruption of both boca city council n the investors.
    they have turned their back on the residents who elected them.
    SHAME on them! They need to be replaced. VOTE for Zucaro n O’rouke!!!!

    Randy Schultz and the Sun Sentinel should also be ashamed of their covert actions. it’s a disgrace to the citizens of Boca

  2. Randy Schultz jumped from the frying pan into the fire when he left the Palm Beach Post.
    to get incinerated with the Sun Sentinel into ashes.

  3. I researched the Sun Sentinel’s claims about O’Rourke and Zucaro. None of their claims are false. Please feel free to have Al Zucaro show documentation showing that he was not sued by family members and that he was not ordered by the courts to repay money that he illegally used for personal reasons.

    • Mr. Lopez Can you provide the documentation of your research cited? Did you conduct similar research on Haynie, Thomson, Gentile? Or do you simply comment on those you obviously oppose?
      In your research, did you discover that Ms O’Rourke and Ms Gentile have served on many more civic boards than Mr Thomson and for many, many years more? Our research discovers that Mr Thomson’s involvement on civic boards is measured in months. There are many omitted facts that would favor those that did not receive the Sun-Sentinel endorsement. Did your research uncover these items?

  4. So the Sun Sentinel backs Haynie and Thompson,Mr. Build or Die,
    That is no surprise based on Sentinels past recommendations.
    Lets all vote for the “dynamic duo” so Boca can be the next Ft. Liqueurdale!!!

  5. I research anything that sounds ethically questioning. Because Mr. Zucaro was accused of being involved in so many lawsuits, I decided to research on whether or not they are true. Nothing of that nature has been brought up about Haynie or Thomson therefore there is nothing for me to research. My comment started out as a desire to have Mr. Zucaro give his side of these incidents and maybe it would clear things up. Instead his supporters lash out about how Haynie and Thomson are supported by a Tallahassee PAC or how Thomson is a new resident of Boca. I’m sorry if I find those issues significantly less distressing than those of Mr. Zucaro’s. If anyone wants to clear up any of those issues for him please feel free. If you can find evidence that Haynie or Thomson have used public funds for private expenses, by all means I will research those as well. There is no evidence of Mr. Thomson wanting to increase development in Boca yet Mr. Harrison refers to him as “Mr. Build It or Die.” Give me facts instead of opinions and I’ll be happy to concede.


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