This Time, Everybody Wins!


Recently, our CRA approved the development of the 327 Royal Palm condominium in the Downtown. And guess what? There was only one citizen objection to the project!

Why? Because (with very minor, purely technical deviations) the 327 building complies with the zoning laws applicable to the downtown. Yes, that’s correct – a building was proposed that complies with zoning ordinances! No additional height, no spot zoning, no parking deviations, and best of all – minimal objection from residents!

Apparently the citizenry is not offended by any development, of any kind, at any time, and 327 is a case in point. So who wins? Everybody!

The developer, P6, wins because they will be allowed to build a beautiful and (hopefully) profitable project, at the same time enjoying the support of the local community.

The city wins because a piece of blighted property in the Downtown (my opinion) will be redeveloped in a manner consistent with cherished, long-held principles of design in our city, such as moderate height, low density, etc. Additionally, the buyers of these units are likely to be prosperous and permanent additions and contributors to our community.

So what is the lesson learned here? This seems to illustrate that, in general, people favor of downtown development, as long as it requires no significant deviations from zoning law that preserves principles that have long been accepted as those which make Boca Raton a special place to live. Everybody wins!

Congratulations, and thanks to all involved – P6 and their architect, the CRA, the city’s Development Services team and most of all, our citizens!

Regards to All,

Joe Panella



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