Singer Reacts Strangely To Video On Beach Development Vote


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Scott Singer reacted on Facebook Saturday morning to what we believe is the amateur YouTube video shown here. This video talks about his voting record, specifically his vote to permit private development on Boca’s Beaches.

BocaWatch has followed this issue regarding beach development very closely. Here’s some background that was published in BocaWatch in May: deposed Mayor Susan Haynie and her Deputy Mayor, Scott Singer, both voted for a “Lot Width Variance” in 2015. Only Council Member Jeremy Rogers voted against allowing building on the dune in a lot that was previously considered unsuitable for construction due to the width of the lot.

The video above, most likely the thing that Singer is mentioning on Facebook, was shown to us at BocaWatch. It’s only a minute and a half and echos facts we’ve already published, so by itself it wasn’t saying anything new. It wasn’t getting ahead of other info we think is worth your attention. However, Singer’s reaction to “rumors” seemed strange and newsworthy. His reaction leaves more questions than answers:

  • Would anyone have started seeking out the “rumors” he meant before he mentioned them?
  • How many of the video’s 400+ views came as a result of people made curious by his reaction?
  • Why is he investing time in addressing this variance thing instead of just ignoring it – especially when so few voters watched the video?
  • Is he denying that the variance was for building on the lot?
  • Is this YouTube video about Singer’s voting record on beach construction unfair or inaccurate?
  • Could there be some other rumors he’s referring to?

The last question was rhetorical. No sincere candidate deserves unfair rumors being spread about them. Please use BocaWatch and social media respectfully.

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  1. Jason, that is a pppowerful video. /thanks for sharing it with BW readers. Your comments were also very appropriate. Nice going.

    Michael Bell

  2. Seems to me Singer’s YES vote for the variance came with a “ nod and wink” and we could possibly see another developer sue our city if Singer doesn’t deliver. It’s obvious the motivation for the variance was for DEVELOPMENT ….. don’t be fooled voter, those developers funding Singer’s campaign are expecting a return on investment…

  3. Wow another politician in a developer’s pocket so sad to see the city I love going down the same road with development that happened in Fort Lauderdale almost zero Green Space plus high end developments not filled to capacity. Not to mention the potential train station which is a known fact they bring more crime and devalues some areas!!!

  4. We all benefit from playing the long game because the decisions and policies of who we choose to govern us have major implications for the future, both near and far.

  5. There is no question that Scott Singer and the pro-development majority of our City Council voted to allow construction of a mini-mansion right on Boca’s beach east of A1A. The excuse at the time (if I recall correctly) was that they had advice from our now discredited City Attorney that if they denied the zoning approval they might be sued by the land owner and the City might lose. Talk about leadership! The build-on-the-beach vote and his approval of the construction of Tower 155 on a lot which barely contains its height and bulk are the two most egregious examples that Mr. Singer is not the residents’ friend he claims to be. I thought that, being an ambitious politician, he might have had an epiphany of sorts, but his recent vote on the Tower 155 “parking lot” made clear to me that it’s politics as usual with Scott. Don’t be fooled by the schmooze or the negative campaign flyers. Look at the voting record and campaign contributions to determine where Scott Singer stands on development in Boca.

  6. So Jason says: “No sincere candidate deserves unfair rumors being spread about them.”

    Let’s examine Scott Singer and the beach project.

    1. City Code states an applicant can be denied a variance request based on hardship if the applicant created the hardship. Well, that is exactly what happened at 2500 N Ocean. The owner created the hardship, but Scott says OK!!! Build it.

    2. Only dissimilar dry lots across from the beach were used by Singer to justify his vote.

    3. Asking George Brown in the 12/08/15 meeting for comparisons, not a single beach front variance had been granted for the same reason in the history of Boca Raton.

    4. The City Attorney has stated time and again each variance must stand alone and be judged on it’s own merits. Singer used the dry lots variances across the street to justify his lame decision.

    5. Scott Singer, leading the pack save Rodgers, endorsed, encouraged and promoted the variance to allow the building of the 10,000 sq. ft, 4 story monster on our beach and furthermore, his vote allows 2600 N Ocean the same opportunity.

    6. 2500 N. Ocean is a Vander Plough designed structure and Mr Vender Plough is a constant contributor to Scott Singer campaigns.

    7. The voting public must not be fooled. Scott Singer is a developer favorite and his contribution reports illustrate this point. It is not hard for an open minded public to see voting for Singer is a vote for more development across our City should he be elected so…….If you like what he has done so far? Vote for Scott Singer because he has voted 95% of the time for concrete over- development and against the people.

    I don’t like rumors either. Watch the video of the meeting.


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