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The creators of this video have removed it from YouTube. Contact Les Wilson of BocaFirst and ask him to send the video to Jason Pelish if you want to see this part of Boca Raton’s historical record restored. 

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  1. In your segment on resident friendly vs. resident unfriendly, you overlooked an early major victory by a citizen group (Keep Your Boca Beaches Public. org). After a 3-year contentious fight with the City Council, after this citizen group won several court challenges, the City Council was faced with three options:
    1- Continue the legal challenge in the Florida State Supreme Court.
    2- Have a City-wide referendum to resolve the issue.
    3- Vote to approve an ordinance adhering to the language of the citizen’s petition.
    The City Council wisely chose to approve Ordinance 5228 on Feb. 12, 2013. Ord.5228 mandated that all public-owned lands on the Barrier Island shall be limited to public uses and public services and specifically prohited development for private uses. If this language sounds similar to the Wildflower initiative, that’s because it was drafted by the same attorney.


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