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Your action is needed. In this episode of Listen Up Boca!, Al Zucaro explains how the Boca City Council is about to do the largest rezoning in the city’s history; why residents who care about the congestion and school overcrowding in the area around the mall need to contact the city council to do the common sense thing and create a comprehensive plan as proposed by Council Member Andrea O’Rourke and supported by City Staff before doing the rezoning.

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  1. Great video, Al! Perhaps you should run for city council!

    I’m not sure if I get the concept that the comprehensive plan may be changed if the council thinks that a proposed development is good. That seems counterproductive to a well designed city that serves all the residents. Perhaps I misunderstood.

    Thanks for the graphics showing how much money Weinstein and Haynie received from developers. This is really important since both of them want Commissioner Abrams PBC Commission seat. Weinstein seems to try to position himself as different from Haynie yet he received quite a bit more in developer contributions than Haynie did, according to your graphic. I’m sure either of them will continue the PBC develop, develop, develop mindset so that’s not a win for PBC residents.

    Also, I think it’s good that the creation of the Tri-rail station must be in place before the Midtown project goes forward but I question whether taxpayers need to pay for a Tri-rail station in that area. I certainly hope that Tri-rail does its due diligence while not accepting any money from developers to “help” with the decision. Military Trail is congested enough in that area during rush hour. That would just be adding fuel to the fire.

  2. Th obvious conclusion is that there are those that care nothing about Boca Raton. The MAIN advantage to them is what they can gain in profit off the beauty, fair restrictions, and open air that existed prior to their interest in order for them to want to over-build there. It is already happening with the buildings on US#1 that are taller than I ever dreamed. Self-aggrandizement is so apparent it is sickening. Shallow mindedness and selfishness abound.

    I hope this can be nipped in the growing bud!


    Yvette Casantini Toepfer

  3. Ill keep it short and simple. I agree with the analysis of Mr. Zucaro and suggest the City Counsel demand a master plan to evaluate the “Mid-Town” project before anything else is done!


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