Lies Kill Trust!


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Today’s political cartoon takes me back to my school yard days….Remember when kids were asked to make a promise, to tell the truth, they would cross their fingers or other body parts believing that crossed fingers made it OK to fib….Well that is what is going on in the March City Council election . The ‘fibs’ are flying….The slick messages in the mail and on the airways are difficult to decipher….Who is fibbing…all cannot be true! Some candidates (Grossman and Rodgers) are desperate to keep their record history from the voter; desperate to confuse the issues. Why, because their ‘developer friendly’ history is indefensible and, now, has been brought out front and center. The Federation of Homeowners’ debate was held way too soon….With much of the campaign literature out, another debate would be far more effective. Without another debate, residents must decide from what has been seen; decide what are truths and what are fibs. Crossing ones fingers is no longer acceptable. Stay informed….stay involved….and vote the ‘Resident Friendly’ vote to halt runaway overdevelopment in Boca Raton.

Al Zucaro

Image created by Jessica Gray

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