Tower of Greed, the Key to Overdevelopment


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Greed by itself can be a powerful motivator. The motivation to build can produce venues and spaces where we come together as community. Great things can be made by great people, things that last and are loved. But just because a campfire can keep a campsite warm that doesn’t mean the campsite is better off with every tent on fire. Greed, like fire, is useful and gets things cooking, but it’s got to be confined. Some residents feel like that fire to build has gotten out of control here in Boca, and everything is a little too hot for the moment.

Miami has a glut of luxury condos. It’s grown larger than the already large inventory mentioned by MarketWatch in 2017. Developers in Boca are gambling the same factors don’t reach us, only a short drive away. Will demand for residential remain high?  Will home sale prices keep going up? It’s not just about sales; unoccupied units force the owners to lease for less. Homeowners who went through the home value rollercoaster of the last dozen years don’t want another ride like the last one.  Miami may already feeling its hottest times cooling down – will Boca be next?

Jason Pelish
Editor – BocaWatch

[Cartoon by Jessica Gray]

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  1. It’s common sense. We’ve had City Councils selling votes to developers for 10 years. Charlie Siemon and others set the tone some years back and developers have been preying on the City like so many vultures. That’s why Singer voted to allow building on our beach and Tower 155, in fact 21 times for huge projects with only 1 vote no. “A testament to Scott Singers accepting funds”.

    We can see where the monies are coming from for Singer and Thomson. The same Birds are out spreading their monetary fertilizer upon these two candidates. If you vote for Singer and Thomson YOU will get what the developers want. It’s your choice. Blue Pac = $$ = Chamber of Commerce = Thomson. Simple formula. Singer? Something like $133,000 or more to Zucaro’s +/- $35,000 – get real.

    Once more, Singer and Thomson are in the pockets of the developers so don’t get angry when they build next to you. Midtown, University Village, the IBM parcel on Yamato = +/- 10,000 more residents or 30,000 more people. You will get what you vote for with these two.

    Planned reasonable growth with residents helping to plan a better Boca is what we need, not the vultures and their bought candidates. Hey!! Voters!!! This is your city, not theirs.


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