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Vote for Monica Mayotte and Kim Do…a vote for Armand Grossman and Jeremy Rodgers is a vote for more of the same: OVERDEVELOPMENT!


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  1. It’s blatantly clear Grossman, Rodgers signs are littered all over the commercial property’s thru our town. Wile Mayotte and Do signs are in the residents yards. You do the math.

    • Exactly. Bat is loosing the Mayor from his payroll and has a new step and fetch it!

      It’s time we get him out of Boca Politics. A vote for Grossman or Rogers is a vote for overdevelopment and unethical City Government.
      Get out and vote for our Neighborhoods.
      Vote Kim and Monica!

  2. A three vote majority on the Council to stop mega-development. Three votes to stop variances allowing developments which are NOT COMPATIBLE to the surrounding neighborhood. Residents have an opportunity to slowdown and lessen the effects of the concrete tsunami heading this way. It’s up to us. We saved Wildflower…let’s save our neighborhoods.

  3. “Saving the Wildflower” would actually mean restoring the property to its traditional use – a restaurant – rather than pandering to the well-funded deceptive campaigns of the million dollar estate owners from across the Intracostal. Now their invidious plan allows only Intracostal millionaires to enjoy this beautiful stretch of city owned Intracostal at night – no longer do they have to share with the tax paying citizens of Boca.

    For them, funding a team to craft the deceptive language of the “kill the Wildflower ballot” produced an unquestionably significant return on their real estate investment.

    There’d be more credibility if Boca Watch was intolerant of all matters of intentional voter deception – not just the agenda it happens to support.

  4. I go there every week and I am not a “Million dollar estate owner from across the Intracostal” (sic). And while there were others there, they weren’t of that ilk either. For those who were paying attention, “Saving the Widlflower” did in fact mean conform to the author’s use of the phrase: saving the Wildflower from the “Done Deal” that put a Hillstone Restaurant on the property for 45 years. Now there’s the invidious plan.


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