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In Progress: The Commercialization of Parks

Original Art by Jessica Gray

Publisher’s comment:   A Restaurant on the Wildflower; A High School in Sugar Sand Park; A Tennis Center in Patch Reef Park…three recent attempts to ‘commercialize’ Boca Raton parks…three attempts pushed back by the ‘voice’ of residents.  A voice that could not be clearer; to wit:  Elected officials attempting to ‘commercialize’ the parks do not have their finger on the ‘pulse’ of this community.   To the residents:  Remember, stay alert, stay informed and, most of all, continue to let your voice be heard…Al Zucaro

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  1. Maybe the city should entertain the thought of selling the naming rights to our parks, ie the professional sport stadiums.
    Minimum bid would be $250k and $50k each year to renew.

    “Batmasian Water Front Park”
    Crocker Open Spaces Reserve”
    Wood and Hendrey Park(no cost)


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