Imagine…An Interactive Water Feature at our Downtown Waterfront


At a recent town hall gathering, hosted by Council member Scott Singer, more than eighty-six photos representing possibilities of uses for our downtown adjacent, city owned, waterfront properties were presented to an enthusiastic crowd of more than one hundred and thirty people.

After a vote of the attendees a top ten list was created.  Prominent in the top ten were recreational and family oriented suggestions.  It is worth noting that in spite of a number of dining options available, not a single one made the top ten.

Included in the top ten and widely received was the choice of an interactive water feature.  By voting YES on “ City of Boca Raton Question”, listed on the last page of the November 8th Ballot, the interactive water feature becomes closer to a reality.

On November 8th you can vote your imagination – vote Yes on “City of Boca Raton Question” to keep our waterfront parks available for recreation, boating, public gathering places, fun and more!

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  1. Where are all of those people going to park, and what keeps the children from falling into the intracostal? Let’s avoid good intentioned half baked ideas.

  2. I find it troubling ,that the Wildflower property cost millions and we need another park?? You can’t swing a cat in Boca
    without hitting a PARK ! Put a TAX PAYER there and collect MONEY ! In fact buy the Chop House property for more parking. Postage Stamp Parks we don’t need.

  3. Why shouldn’t all citizens of Boca Raton who don’t have the luxury of living on the water enjoy our waterfront for free. You have to pay to go to Spanish River Park. What Boca Raton does not need is another restaurant.


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