Dull Days of Summer….We Think Not!


For the last few weeks there was the illusion that we, the residents, might have an opportunity to catch our collective breath.  Well, we could not have been more wrong…..

There is so much going on with so much energy coming from an ‘informed citizenry’ that I thought a recap necessary and a look into those controversial items in progress and/or those that will be coming over the course of the summer. (see the ‘city agenda ‘postings elsewhere on the BocaWatch site.)

In past articles, I have proffered that the resident(s) will not, cannot ‘win’ challenges within the city council chambers. The odds are simply stacked against the residents. Inbred biases require outside agencies be brought in to review the actions of a local government that is and has been hell bent on getting ‘its way’ for decades now.

Just look at the ‘usual suspects’ that occupy positions as appointed or elected officials setting policy directives made with circular arguments stemming from the Council, the Administration and the development community’s influence peddlers with little, if any, reverence to the voices of the residents no matter how well informed the resident may be.

So…what to do….

As best I can tell, four (4) neighborhood groups have now retained legal counsel to represent their interests throughout the regulatory and legislative process within city hall.

This alone will preserve the record of quasi-judicial hearings for appellate review in the circuit court. It will also reduce the blatant misrepresentations and lies offered under oath to the appointed and elected boards by applicants and their hired experts for purposes of review at the Inspector General’s office and the State Attorney’s office.

Also, multiple Florida Commission on Ethics complaints are now pending against three of the five city of Boca Raton appointees to the Airport Authority. Let it suffice to say that these city appointees are operating under the cloud of being found in violation of the State’s Ethics laws.

One of these Airport Appointees has already been deemed to be in a permanent conflict of interest position by a finding of the FCOE. That finding is being challenged by the City, which is representing the individual and providing legal defense at taxpayer expense (see previous articles covering this topic.)

On good information, there are now active Inspector General Office inquiries being brought forward and reacted to at this county wide agency, an agency that the city of Boca Raton fought in circuit court to prevent funding so the agency would not be able to investigate the activities of local governments.

This trend is a good thing.

It actually has resulted in two of the five elected officials on the city council to have held ‘town hall’ type events where the public can have a more informal dialogue with the elected official and not be limited to a five minute comment inside the council chambers.

These interactions are also good things….

More involvement of outside agency overview is expected. Good governance needs watchdogs to provide protection from the incestuous activities that have become so apparent here in the city of Boca Raton.

Residents need to protect their individual and neighborhood rights and BocaWatch commends those that are fighting the fight…..







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