Downtown Development: So How Did We Do?


On April 30, 2015 Urban Design Associates (UDA) came before the Planning & Zoning, Community Appearance Boards and residents of Boca Raton to review the first Interim Design Guideline (IDG)/Pattern Book Downtown project called The Mark at CityScape.  The residents were outspoken and expressed unwavering criticism and disappointment. The sell-job and renderings of the IDG did not match the finished product. Residents expressed concerns regarding human scale, articulation, green space, walkability around the project, just to mention a few comments.


UDA took this information back to their home office in Pittsburgh, PA to analyze and bring back to us future recommendations of the IDG/Pattern Book and the future of development of Downtown Boca Raton.


Monday, November 9th, City Hall, 1:30pm is the time and the place.  Attached is a 199 page review!   Much of this document does not relate directly to The Mark.  It is important to hear the presentation live.  If you choose, there will be an opportunity for your opinion to heard. The future of Downtown Development depends on it!

UDA Memo Re: 11/9/15 Presentation 

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  1. These new guidelines have been a disaster for the city. We’ll are building all these new buildings right up to the sidewalk. It gives a cavern look & feeling to the city. What happened to the idea that buildings shouldn’t be adjacent to the sidewalk. We have removed a much needed green space between the road & the sidewalks.


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