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In light of his recent bid to run for Boca Raton Mayor, BocaWatch Publisher Al Zucaro is stepping down from his position and is turning over operations to Jim Wood – who will serve as the Editor-in-Chief.

A message from BocaWatch’s new editor Jim Wood:

“I appreciate the opportunity to take on the BocaWatch editorial responsibilities while Al campaigns for the position of Mayor of Boca Raton. Our other dedicated production volunteers: Katie, Jessica and Jack are long term team members and will help to continue delivering a quality product that provides significant value to the citizens of Boca Raton. Our many article writers have also promised to help make the transition seamless to our readers. Finally, the developers of our web site have marked the occasion by providing a new look and feel for the site. We hope you like it.”

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  1. Thank you for being the eyes and ears on this over zealous Mayor. I have lived here since 1970. I worked for George Snow when he developed Horse Shoe Acres and loved the limit placed on development and height of building. Sad how over populated this city and suburb has become. Hope we can put a lid on any more big development before it is to late.

  2. Can someone please help our children with the ongoing Sugar Sand Park Playground renovation? The delays are absolutely unacceptable! The opening has now been moved to March. I challenge Boca Watch, The Palm Beach Post and Sun Sentinel to do some independent investigations into this fiasco. The “overtime” the workers are being paid is a total sham. I go there almost on a daily basis with my daughter and never see more than a handful of workers and never past 5 pm. There needs to be some accountability and with out some pressure from annoyed citizens, this will continue to be less of a priority.


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