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Are the Boca Raton City Officials using ‘evasive’ means to keep information from the public?

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  1. Over the last few weeks, Councilmember Singer seems to want to address the ‘out of the sunshine’ issue raised in my commentary to a degree. He has begun to ask, in public, at least, some questions he has regarding items covered in the agenda review meetings with the City Manager. Yesterday, 12/12, at the City Council workshop, he brought forward a number of questions for open discussion. He should be commended on this effort. All the other council members should be encouraged to follow this pattern. That small accommodation would go a long way in providing the residents with the transparency in government requested and, arguably, required under the law. Such a minor adjustment would provide a significant good will demonstration by our elected officials in support of better governance; to wit: an more open ‘in the sunshine’ government process. AZ

  2. Certain members of the City Council have demonstrated, especially recently, that they only respond to the people’s will under extreme pressure. It becomes our duty as citizens to simply maintain that pressure. Keep them under the spotlight. Call them out, publically and INDIVIDUALLY, on shady & deceptive practices. It is no longer enough to say ‘…the City Council did this…’ We must hold them EACH accountable. Demand what is fair, and call out what is not.


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