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Palm Beach County’s population is approaching 1.4 million people scattered over a geographical area of 2500 square miles with urban, suburban and rural communities; with 39 municipalities; and, with diversified industries ranging from agriculture, bio-science, banking/finance, tourism and international trade.

All this activity is monitored through a seven (7) member Board of County Commissioners; elected on a districtwide partisan basis into diverse population centers with growing challenges and differing needs.

District 4 is the district directly responsibility to represent the southeast and central east people’s interests.

Until recently, it was widely believed that termed out County Commissioner Steven Abrams would be replaced by the Mayor of Boca Raton, Susan Haynie. That equation is no longer viable.

The seat has traditionally been held by a Republican even though the district leans Democrat.


Two seismic changes have disrupted this:

  1. Susan Haynie has been indicted on four felony and 3 misdemeanor charges concerning her activities in elected office. Her once promising
    political career in tatters, she has withdrawn for the race; leaving the Republican party with a relatively new candidate, Billy Vale; and,
  2. Former Boca Raton Councilman Robert Weinroth, a well entrenched Democrat, had filed to run for this open seat anticipating a November
    election showdown against Ms. Haynie; Without Haynie, Mr. Weinroth is now left facing Mr. Vale, a newly registered Republican in the
    democratic leaning District.

Qualifying for this seat remains open and there is high expectation that other names will emerge.

BocaWatch had previously published an interview with Candidate Vale and was intending to publish one of both Ms. Haynie and Mr. Weinroth.

Presented above is a video shot at the April meeting of the Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club were Candidate Weinroth was the guest speaker.

Mr. Weinroth talks on subjects he championed as a Boca Raton City Council Member as well as presenting topics he hopes to have impact on if elected to the County Commission.

BocaWatch will continue to monitor the filings in this County race and report on additional candidates as they emerge; present analysis of their financing and donors lists and provide them with a platform to get their message out to the public.

Once the field is final, BocaWatch will organize a Candidate debate for the community to become familiar with the candidates in order to vote an informed vote in the November general election.

Stay tuned; stay informed….Remember your vote is your vote….Let your voice be heard!

Al Zucaro
Publisher of BocaWatch

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  1. In candidate Weinroth’s words, “I see an opportunity to take what we have done in the City of Boca and bring it to the county.” Really? PALM BEACH COUNTY RESIDENTS BEWARE. Bob Weinroth approved almost every development project that came before him during his unremarkable tenure on Boca’s City Council. He was arrogant and unresponsive to resident’s wishes– unless that resident happened to be a developer. Boca is currently suffering from Weinroth-Haynie era overdevelopment woes which will require the full time attention of our new more resident-friendly City Council. Why did he not run for reelection in Boca this last time around? Because he couldn’t get elected! Boca was glad to be rid of him. A seat on the Palm Beach County Commission must have seemed like the perfect escape hatch and step up the political ladder for this ambitious, “show me the money” politician. County residents should take a drive through Downtown Boca to see if Bob Weinroth is the kind of visionary you want running things in Palm Beach County.

  2. Thank you John Gore for your insightful comments. “Arrogant” is indeed the best way to describe Mr. Weinroth. And Yes, the residents of Boca Raton will be very happy to get rid of him.


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