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Plastic pollution is increasingly the most common item we see littered in our marine environment. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans. We are on a mission to stop this by partnering up with 4Ocean at Spanish River Park for a beach cleanup.

Join us from 9AM to 11AM on Saturday, May 19th at Spanish River Park in Boca Raton to help keep our seas free of debris! This cleanup is proudly coordinated thanks to Gumbo Limbo and the City of Boca Raton.

We will take a group hands across the sand photo at 11AM sharp. Remember to wear your Boca Save our Beaches tee.

Schedule of Events:
9AM to 1045AM: Beach Cleanup at Spanish River Beach with 4Ocean


11AM: Group Photo at Spanish River Beach

12PM to 3PM: Group Brunch at Seasons 52 on the back patio

**Happy hour prices will be honored on all beverages from 12PM to 3PM provided by Tanner Lamb & Associates**

**Free flatbreads will be provided by Tanner Lamb & Associates**

**Free deserts provided by Seasons 52**

** Virgin Islands Coffee Roasters is generous enough to provide volunteers with coffee to kick-start everyone’s morning**


For additional information, please see our Facebook page. 

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  1. Hi there!
    Love the beach clean ups!!

    There is a documentary called “PLASTIFICATION”.
    IT Is a MUST see for everyone, not just the “Beach Cleaners”
    A young woman travels the world and showcases just how serious plastic pollution is and what EVERY single person can do to help stop it!
    It’s an excellent educational film too as , sadly, there are STILL people who don’t believe what someone puts in the water on the other side of the world affects everyone else!
    You will not find a disposable water bottle in my house. That’s just one small way to help.
    Every time I go to the beach I take a plastic bag with me so when I walk I can pick up “stuff”. It is sickening sometimes what I see. I get exercise and I hope I’m helping the oceans!

    I am trying to get a petition to make all plastic, glass and metal containers have a deposit value to encourage people to bring them back.
    OH YEAH, I can hear the naysayers already! “Big Government!” I say, “Rubbish”!
    Please, give me a break! when I was a kid, we’d scour all over to find bottles etc and bring them to get $$.
    This state, above all needs this policy, for so many reasons.
    Ever notice what bottles are the most common litter…YUP you got it…BEER! Gross!

    At 11 years old I learned, “I can’t!” 90% of the time means “I don’t want to!” So, when I hear someone who DOES have the ability to implement a policy like this say, “We can’t” I just boil, because I do know what they usually mean. It’s the old, “Where there’s a will, there’s almost always, a way!”

    This universal truth applies to so many fixable issues in our town which whoever, just simply REFUSES to even attempt a remedy. That includes but not limited to: enforcing traffic laws, development, beautification, you name it. I recall words from a Pink Floyd song…”Comfortably Numb.”

    Guess what businesses I being MY business to?
    See you at the BEACh!

    Be Safe,
    Michael French & Rocco Santorufo


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