An Open Comment to New Councilman Jeremy Rodgers


I have a learned suggestion for Jeremy, I mean, Councilman Rodgers….

The picture on Facebook of being ‘embraced’ by Councilman Weinroth…and the convenient cross motions to appoint each other at the swearing ceremony is concerning for the optics produced and the perception assumed.

When I was first elected to office in WPB, I thought it important to be liked and accepted by my peers….What a mistake….I quickly realized that my role, the critical role, was to be collegial with the other elected officials but not to let them ‘embrace’ me….

The healthy role, the only role, is to maintain independence and a healthy separation; to approach the council and staff with an inquisitive demeanor; and to take every vote with a resolve for and on behalf of the citizens who elected you, not the ‘players’ that are seeking your vote…..Do not go along to get along….you are already there… true to yourself and your instincts but especially be true to the sentiment of the residents. 

The electorate’s sentiment is what got you there….and is what will keep you there….

Al Zucaro

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