A Poignant & Timely Editorial from The Coastal Star Editor

The following is an excerpt from an editorial written by the Editor, Mary Kate Leming of The Coastal Star Newspaper.


“A Wish for Residents in 2016: Be informed, get involved”

Guns for Hire:”

“Advance apologies to all my attorney friends, but it seems that no dispute (no matter how small) is settled in our area without costing thousands of dollars in legal fees. Again, much of this ends up being paid by the taxpayers. In meeting after meeting, I watch individuals, businesses and developers seek special allowances from local government by hiring well-connected lawyers who know what it takes behind the scenes to get things done. Can’t blame them, it’s how things work.
“But after seven years of attending local government meetings, I see the same attorneys before our councils and commissions again and again and again. It becomes obvious that a very few people are behind the changes (good and bad) happening in our communities. Someone is profiting, and seldom is it the taxpayer.
“Will any of these concerns be mitigated or solved in the coming year? Doubtful. These are complex issues.
“Still, I have hope for 2016.
“Already I see citizens organizing and becoming better informed. In today’s changing media world, this is essential. It has become more and more important that traditional ‘follow-the-money’ journalism be supplemented by courageous citizens who are willing to become part of the solution: solutions that work for everyone.”

Mary Kate Leming,

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