What’s Boca Saying? with Monica Mayotte

This article was originally published by Al Zucaro on BocaWatch.org, preserved here now for historical purposes.
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Resident friendly and BocaWatch endorsed candidate for City Council seat D, Monica Mayotte speaks with Katie on the state of affairs in Boca Raton and how she will approach representing voters on the city council. She is running against Armand Grossman and Dr Paul Preste.

  • Chris Scarpa
    Posted at 08:58h, 14 February Reply

    Thank you Katie both interviews were very informative it’s fantastic that the citizens have this opportunity to hear from the candidates themselves. It’s very helpful to get some insight on their philosophies, great job!

    I was able to spend some time with Kim Do yesterday I was extremely impressed with her poise and her passion to help a city that she’s only lived in for a short period of time. It’s impressive that Kim completely understands the commitment that she’s about to make and is willing to do whatever it takes to make a change for the better. She is ready to take the school board on from day one and hold them accountable. Kim completely understands that it’s both the city Council and the school board‘s responsibility to work together to help us fix our schools. Kim Do has my vote !!!!!!!!!

    Best regards,
    Chris Scarpa.

    Best regards,
    Chris Scarpa.

  • Chris Scarpa
    Posted at 11:53h, 14 February Reply

    Clarification I didn’t realize I posted this on Monica‘s interview , I am also voting for Monica Mayotte they are not running against each other obviously. I feel these two ladies along with commissioner O’Roake will put the best interests of the citizens first. I also believe that the three of them together truly care about finding a solution once and for all for our schools.

  • Craig F. Ehrnst
    Posted at 09:17h, 16 February Reply

    First, thank you Monica, for stepping up to the call for real community service.

    Regarding our parks, one of the beautiful things about Boca Raton is the natural beach front and environment. Residents should really re-think the current proposal of creating Rutherford Park into a boat ramp facility. In my opinion, mixing canoes, manatee, and power boats is an environmental mistake. What’s your opinion?

    Finally, I hope you will support joint efforts by the City and the District to capture more “green space” quicker. Now, that we have purchased Ocean Breeze (never a City priority, when it could have been), how will you support the surrounding re-development and the needed infrastructure updates?

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